Xiaomi RC Smart Yeelight Bedside Lamp Quickly Open Box


Xiaomi probably will soon become synonymous with “smart house”, as so many interesting and sometimes innovative gadgets are not manufactured by any company. With lighting the first experiments started with a simple “smart” LED bulb and continues in the form of stylish bedside lamps, which can be controlled not only through touch but also through the mobile phone when to lazily get out of bed and turn on/off or change the brightness of the lamp. The details of how it works, this clever ICE lamp, and that she is invited inside to read further


Brightness: 300Lm

Power: 10W

Output lamp power: 12V 1A

Power supply: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, 0.5 A

Service life: 20000 hours

Range of color temperatures: 1700К – 6500K

Height: 221 mm

Diameter: 100 mm

Weight: 680 grams


Inside wrapped in penopropilen was a box of cardboard in a minimalist design, and, incidentally, most of the products Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Yeelight logo with the characteristics of the Chinese language there.

Lamp Packed very well, thick walls of the box plus an extra “bed” made of cardboard. In the lower part of the power supply.


The overall package.


The power supply is good with Chinese standard.


The PSU is branded with the logo Yeelight and outputs 12V and 1A.


As a product for the domestic Chinese market, and no translate is not going to all in Chinese. Useful only QR code to download the app for Android or iOs. But I recommend separate download Xiaomi Mijia — and a separate plugin to Russian language.


The lamp looks really expensive and stylish. And the first, respectively the “cleverness” of the lamp. The upper part of the polished plastic, though at first glance, it seems that this glass. The bottom part aluminium.

The workmanship is at a high level, no gaps, warps, and other schools no.


To prevent slipping at the bottom of the bulb is a rubber ring that protrudes beyond the housing. Also on the bottom of the specs and the sticker with the serial number of the lamp.



There is a smart light and  controling by the iOS APP.


Brief description:
On/off night light, changing color and brightness, adjust timers disable.

App for IOS that allows you to control via Bluetooth from your smartphone the smart night light from Xiaomi (Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp). The program allows you to remotely turn on/off the night light, adjust the color, brightness, flicker (auto-transfusion of colors), auto power off, switching to night mode (specified night hours the lamp is turned on from touching her and automatically adjusts the brightness under external lighting).

There is a possibility of ligament with the Mi Band. In particular, the automatic shutdown of lamp when going to bed.

The translation was made for version 1.6.00 for IOS devices
1.The presence Jailbreak required!
2.To install i-device (iPhone, iPad) program from Cydia –> iFile or install it on your computer iFunBox (iTools).
3.Using iFunBox go to the section “Raw file system” or run directly on the device iFile
4.Next, go to “Private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/folder with the numbers of each are different/MiLamp.app/create folder EN.lproj and put the files from the archive which is in the same folder”
Use, I’d love to hear your comments and if there are inaccuracies in the translation I will try a quick fix.(Russian version)


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