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We intend to present my report according to the following four parts: first, I will introduce the smart home suit in all directions. Then it introduces the installation method and various functions of Xiaomi smart home set. Let’s talk about how I feel; Finally, I offer my Suggestions and look forward to the future. Let’s go straight to the subject.

Part 1 appearance display & function introduction

The mi smart family suit is the first product of the Xiaomi enterprise green rice technology company. It contains a Xiaomi multifunctional gateway centered door sensors, body sensor wireless switch. And the open beta I has also received a X-ray smart bulb.

Let me go over the next one.

This is the multi-function gateway, which is the control center of the whole intelligent family. It features a mi smart module with 18 full-color LED adjustable night lights and a multi-function speaker with local voice alerts. It has built-in ZigBee module at the same time, can be at a low power automatic connection millet intelligent family of other equipment, and through the mobile terminal to realize the remote control, with millet cloud can also more intelligent device linkage.

Above is millet official introduction ~ simple working principle of intelligent family is like this: mobile phone connection router, the router connection multifunctional gateway, multifunctional gateway connected to the intelligent family other modules, completed the overall control, just like that. Why not connect all the modules directly with a router? Because WiFi connection power consumption is too high, door sensors, wireless switches must not have been use cable connected to the power supply, so the millet took power very low ZigBee communication technology, multifunctional gateway is the smart “router” of the family.


You can see that xiaomi’s smart gateway looks very beautiful. It uses the the middle circle translucent is the location of the LED lights, the mesh is above the speaker so it is not only the gateway but also has the function of lighting and voice prompt. In addition, it has five holes on each side, and that is the light sensor. Then it needs to be used on a standard 220V standard socket.


There is also a button on the side of the multi-function gateway. Click to light the LED, double-click to enter the alert mode, and click three to add the local device.

Next, we introduce xiaomi human sensor. It infrared sensors can accurately capture up to 170 °, the range of 7 meters width together with gateway and other smart devices and the built-in battery can use more than 2 years.

So what does it do? Take a simple example and go to the bathroom at night. It recognizes that you will automatically light the smart gateway’s nightlight and provide illumination when you pass by. Then you go back to your bedroom, and it turns off the lights automatically.

The manual says it has a status indicator built in, but I haven’t found it to be bright. Maybe if you put a needle in the reset hole it will be bright.


Next, introduce the door and window sensor. It has two parts, relying on the proximity between the sensor body and the magnet to perceive the state of the doors and Windows separately, which in turn can be connected with other intelligent devices. For example, the air purifier is working and you are opening the window, so the smart home will temporarily shut down the purifier, and when the window is closed, the purifier will be activated.


Next, we will introduce the Xiaomi wireless switch. Click on it, the gateway will ding-dong sound, so it is actually a doorbell ~ but is more than a doorbell again, because it can control a variety of scenarios a variety of equipment, such as home a key model, instantly awaken your Xiaomi air purifier, smart bulb and so on.


Next, the x-bulb smart bulb, which is a member of the new mi smart home set. Through the control of intelligent gateway, it can achieve the brightness adjustment of 0 ~ 100%, and its life expectancy reaches 250,000 hours, can be used continuously for 15 years, very energy conservation and environmental protection!


So what’s the difference between it and the previous yeelight smart light bulb? First of all, x-bulb smart bulbs can’t change color, while yeelight smart bulbs can transform 16 million colors. Then the x-bulb smart bulb has no adapter, which can connect to the mi smart family directly, while the yeelight smart light bulb has to connect the adapter to the mi router before it can be used. In addition, the yeelight bulb sold by xiaomi is not the official version of yeelight. The official version of Yeelight’s smart light bulbs is the Blue version and the Sunflower version, and the Blue version is based on bluetooth communication technology, which can control the light bulb directly from the phone. The Sunflower version is based on ZigBee communication technology and must be connected to the router through the gateway control box. The xiaomi version is also based on ZigBee technology, but the adapter must be connected to the mi router to control and the yeelight official APP cannot be used, and the mi router APP must be used.

Look at all four parts on the side and look very nice. White is the color of white, millet smart home suit USES white as the base color can match all sorts of decorating style, and also is a kind of good-looking adornment. In addition, they are compact and light weight, so they can be easily fixed on doors and Windows. Next, we will introduce the installation method and various functions of mi smart home set.

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Xiaomi Yeelight

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