Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Open Box Review




Appearance: Super Cute

In China, we call him Xiaobai for it cute appearence. It means Small White.

Small white packaging using white paper boxes, printed on the front of the product can be seen in the rendering of product appearance, probably bent head, plump figure to look like a robot. On the back of the package, the product information stickers are attached, and the rice home is made by Shanghai chuang technology, which supports wi-fi 2.4ghz wireless connection, and the system is compatible with Android4.0 or ios 7.0 and above.


Opened the box, you can see a small white smart camera only two color, main body is white, black face, shape, materials of lovely, size is small, very traditional cameras have bigger difference, is like a little robot.



The attached accessories are hidden in another small box in the small white foot, with a power cord about 2.5 meters long, a 5V 2A power adapter, and a manual. Slightly regretful, the small white does not have the wall bracket, in the placement position, a slight limitation.


The design of the small white – white camera is absolutely bright. Body size is 118 * 80 * 80 mm, mostly white, highlights, head design is round, the lens part black felt like a big eye, give a person the first impression of it is not a camera but it is a robot voice.


Alone the glasses head OV image sensor and the security of America bully S2LM image processing chip, 6 pieces of all glass lenses F1.8 large aperture camera, have full 1080 p high-definition, Magic 4 x digital Zoom Zoom, LDC distortion correction technology, Smart HDR technology. 10 x 940 nano infrared lamp can ensure the quality of the night imaging is not affected.


The intelligent camera support two-way voice calls function, on both sides of the head is equipped with 0.8 mm CNC large proportion of the speaker hole, no rounded careful arrangement, design is very beautiful.


Carved with “MJ” logo in the fuselage keys for the key, is the buttons on the clothes, short press aide to wake up or shut down speech, long press is a voice call, end call button is on the phone. There is a status indicator below the key, and when the blue light is always bright, the surface white is connected to the network normal operation.



The rear end of the fuselage is the interface area, with the Micro USB charging port in the middle and a MicroSD card slot on the edge, which supports the 32GB SD card. Unfortunately, xiao bai not only does not support more than 6gb of SD CARDS, but also does not support the backup storage of the mi router’s hard drive like the little ant camera. There is also a button on the left side of the charging port to reset the button, which is not used. Please don’t use it as a power button.


The Camera base adds a circle of white silica gel anti-slip mat, the friction of foot mat is very strong, deal with general platform desktop is more than enough, even if have a certain Angle of slope is also a problem is not big. Of course, if you can add a wall bracket similar to a small ant cloud camera, you might have more freedom to install.

Twin twist transfer 360 ° no dead Angle

The small white smart camera USES a dual-axis twin motors with no cantilever design, which is a lot more flexible than the dull look of the smaller ant intelligent camera. Vertical support 85 ° rotation, though not like small ants yuntai camera 135°so abnormal condition, but quite enough, can from the floor on the ceiling.

Horizontal direction, small white basic reached 360 °rotation, with vertical Angle, 360 ° panoramic video, can be in any corner in the home.


Intelligence is a remote spot, and you can see where you want to go

As a smart video camera, the interaction with the mobile phone is easy, which is the foundation of a product’s success. Small white smart camera need WI – FI2.4 GHz network support, used only for the first time into the millet smart APP, your family again through the tip to bind his camera, set up the WIFI, small white smart camera can be normal use. If you can’t find small white, be sure to reset the small white and then try again.


The operation of the APP is very simple, and the key of the front page is used to control the camera shooting Angle, the point is selected from the small Angle, the long press the big Angle choice. At the top of the direction key are the video record button, the call button and the photo button. The main function of the video record button is to record a video on its own in case of an emergency.


The video, or photos taken by hand, can be viewed through the wonderful moments on the phone. It’s very convenient. In the camera Settings, alarm, voice chat assistant, infrared night vision can be set, also can see the memory card, need to ridicule, m home small white smart camera doesn’t set the video store path on millet router, this small as ants, really sorry.


Open intelligent housekeeping, set nursing time, motion detecting started immediately, when moving objects detection area is change, can start the alarm and record 10 seconds, cloud video push to mobile phones, real-time dynamic timely attention to family and pets, don’t have to worry about the occurrence of danger.

Motion detecting aspects, small white cannot achieve real-time tracking, only through a mobile terminal to control Angle, this aspect also have to go to and the little ant to learn, little ant the latest ant yuntai camera motion detecting is a bunker, can ensure that where there is movement, camera Angle will follow, guard is to make the thief nowhere to hide.

After the open motion detecting, small white smart camera video store to the microSD card can be recorded, whether parents, children or naughty dog, or a foreign guest, home state of each activity record can be stored, convenient to check at any time. And every video can be downloaded into the phone and saved in the future.


Results during the day


In the evening the effect

Small white is equipped with F1.8 large aperture camera, with 1080P full hd quality, Magic Zoom 4 digital Zoom, LDC distortion correction technology, Smart HDR technology. Although the wide Angle is inferior to the small ant camera, but the deformity of the edge of the picture control is very good, more natural. The color saturation and contrast of the daytime images are high and the picture is clear.

Thanks to 10 X 940nm infrared night vision beads, without lights at night, it can also be seen clearly. The home camera, the effect, is enough.

Voice video calls, and can be accompanied by outside


Small white smart camera support two-way voice, one-way video phone, whether mobile end or the camera end can open the intercom call, a key idd calls, no matter when and where, can warm chat with family, the best love the most intimate companion to family.

Actual use process, video phone picture is fluent, normal conditions in the network, drag and drop frame, caton phenomenon are very few, call audio noise reduction processing is also in place of the process, the scope of the basic can control to the few calls smooth, clear sound.

It’s not just a camera, it’s a robot

Small white smart camera is not only a camera, built-in voice assistant function, when the Shouting “white see come over,” small white would like people flexible neck turned to you, can consult it at this time the weather, temperature, time, date, count, tang poetry, the problem such as day-to-day wikipedia, can also let it tell you stories and jokes, and so on, make it at any time with his family. It turns out to be a voice robot. I also recorded a video to share with you to see the fun little white.



Compared with the traditional sense of the intelligent camera, m home small white smart camera on appearance design efforts, let the camera looks more like a lovely robot, the author try this period of time, always want to go to touch from time to time a small white round his head. Biaxial to join, let small white neck than humans also flexible, 360 ° to behold behold, 1080 p pixels ensure the image quality, 10 infrared lamp make the effect of the night also is very good. Two-way voice, one – way video call function meaning special, add voice assistant, let small white is no longer cold machine, more fun. On the whole, the price of the mini – white smart camera 399 yuan is very high, and it is worth starting with.

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