Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Plus Balancing Scooter Quickly Review


Xiaomi Ninebot is a very good mini-model of the Segway. After that, the Xiaomi have already released elecrochemical, bike and the development of a full balancing scooter.

And here recently, back to basics – the company announced updated Ninebot Plus, which is the subject of our today’s review. Let us understand what changes we received and whether they.


Dimensions 577×280 mm;

Wheels width – 11 inches;

Maximum angle of elevation is 15 degrees;

Weight of a person up to 100 kg.

The maximum speed is 18 km/h.

Power – 700 Watts;

Battery – 18650 mAh;

Mileage on a single charge – up to 22 km;

Charging battery — 4 hours;

Weight – 16 kg;

Advanced application control, alarm, update.


Ninebot Plus comes in a bounding box of sturdy white cardboard that measures 58*44.5*33 cm, weight – 20 lbs. Equipment, in addition to a mini-Segway, includes:

Do remote and cable for charging;

The hex bolts to fasten the handle;

Lining for the handle;

Power supply with built-in cable;

Extension cord for the pump.

Note that the charger plug is made according to Chinese standard, so you will need to take care of the purchase of the adapter.



Also slightly increased the width of the wheels, which leads to improved patency, and maximum speed of Ninebot Plus can accelerate to 18 km/h.

The main change compared to the older generation – reserve. Autonomy raised significantly, up to 35 miles on a single charge. For comparison, a conventional battery Ninebot was only 22 kilometres, while in fact it is barely fair 20 km.

Of the negative aspects of longer-life battery. High-capacity battery from zero to 100% charge in 5.5 hours (it was 4).

Smart follow mode

In fact Ninebot Plus added two interesting features – a place for the installation of the camera, FHD video recording and the ability to control the Segway using the supplied remote control, including a predictive sequence for remote control.

Apart from the purely entertainment purposes – it is fun to look at gyrometer that moves without any action on the part of the owner, this mode can be useful in practice. For example, Rainbot can be used to transport heavy loads (purchases from the store etc). For full disclosure: this function Xiaomi offered also to buy a special nylon packing, however, showing the ingenuity of such capacity it is possible to do yourself.

The smartphone app allows you to adjust the speed of automatic movement of the mini-Segway in the range of 4-12 km, and the distance at which it would be kept from the owner.

Not to say that the predictive sequence is implemented 100% correctly. No trouble occurs only in open areas, but within the busy streets of the city Rainbot becomes practically useless. The main disadvantage is that he sees no obstacles, because of what he might face from the passers-by and corners of the houses, which threatened unpleasant consequences, given the considerable weight of the device.

Changes in design and driving characteristics

Updated Ninebot Plus suffered for the most part, only cosmetic changes. So, the wheel caps is equipped with LEDs, which have not only aesthetic value, but also improve the visibility of electric transport in the dark.

Platform legs has become much more now owners of 45 or above size legs will not have problems with lack of space. It is also rubberized and has great grip with any shoes.

Altered light instead of two lights mounted one more powerful, surpassing the headlights of the old model as the brightness and range of illumination. There are also rear dimensions, made from a pair of LED panels that indicate turns and braking smoothly change their color.

In the process of testing Ninebot Plus demonstrated a good cross, he overcomes the small bumps, dirt roads and puddles. Full moisture protection of gyrometer no (standard IP54), so the winds after rain is not recommended.

To the reserve, as well as the speed and “agility” movement Kinbote no complaints – progress compared to the previous model felt the first trip, but to transport mini Segway frankly not convenient due to the large weight and short handle. Roll him in and just does not work, and with a weight of 16 kg, the device is in the hands of not particularly diarrhea.


Let us briefly summarize the pros and cons of Ninebot Plus apart from its price and characteristics of the previous generation mini Segway.


Excellent design and build quality;

Capacious battery and one of the best indicators of autonomy;

Solid 11 inch wheels and, as a consequence, good permeability;

The remote control set, follow mode for the owner;

Effective front+rear lights and beautiful LED lighting;

Functional smartphone application.


A lot of weight;

Long charging time;

No camera in the package.

A poorly implemented follow.

The first two drawbacks, in fact, are the flip side of the coin advantages of Ninebot Plus – avtomost and reliability, coupled with high carrying capacity, have to pay a big weight and a long charge time.

Overall, critical deficiencies in the new Ninjato no. This is really one of the best mini Segway on the market, the functionality of which will delight anyone. And if the price of 514$ does not scare you, you can not talk myself out of buying it.

Please also see our overview of the first generation of Xiaomi Ninebot, the Segway is still good, and its price in connection with the release of the updates is significantly reduced.

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