Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Unpack and Review



First, there is a screw underneath the bottom of the tape.


Then the white sheet was glued on the side, and as I had been removed, I lost the white piece.


Then dig down the other side of the white plate, and from the other side of the switch to the poke, the main body of the speaker is stabbed, and the microphone is buckled down.


Outside is this aluminum alloy case, you can lose one side.



The metal contact on the switch here and the circuit board contacts the outer shell.


The battery is glued to a plastic rack, and it’s tight, and the battery is folded in half, and hopefully it won’t explode like the note7 and xiaomi 4C.


There are several screws on the battery shelf. The circuit board also has several screws. The circuit board can be removed.



The speaker is connected to the circuit board through the contact, charging, sd card, and the opposite switch machine through the flat line link circuit board.


There’s no link between this one and the circuit board, it should be air resonant, so you have this, boom, boom, boom.

The overall sound is linked to a movie with a tablet, which works well, and has a sense of cinema, better than the ipad’s stereo.

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