Xiao Yi Smart Camera on Trial and Review


Smart cameras? People who love smart devices will have a lot know about it. The era of the smart wristband has slowly become a habit after intelligent weight scales, smart lights and other smart digital devices. Now, with a new wave of smart devices coming into the market, smart plugs and smart cameras. Xiaomi also sell smart camera at this time now.

The Xiaomi smart camera whose cute name is Xiao Yi. In Chinese it means a little ant.

First, let’s look at the relevant parameters of the mi smart camera given by the authorities:

Dimensions and parameters:

Basic parameters:


Ok, start review now. Open box, appearance concise, beautiful, handicraft.

The Xiaomi smart camera used the white carton packaging no solid color of kraft paper, but still is particularly concise environmentally friendly packaging. There is only a minimalist YI sign on the front, and related parameters on the back.



When you open the box, you can see the big head of the tiny ant smart camera. The fuselage is embedded in the compartment of the box. The initial camera is covered with a thin film that prevents the lens from rubbing against the dirt or scratches, which can be removed when used.




OK, let’s get a look at it. Xiao Yi camera, small size, simple and generous appearance. Don’t know you first saw the little ants intelligent camera is what feeling. Feeling very warm, when small make up first saw not because its shape is small, but the overall design and the collocation of white black felt very sunshine, placed on the desk in the dormitory instantly feel whole desk become very sweet, very neat, at first glance, perhaps this is the charm!


The Xiao Yi smart camera doesn’t have many complex designs. The whole generalization is divided into four parts, the base, the knob, the bracket and the camera. Is panel is only an emblem of YI, the whole body have adopted similar grind arenaceous qualitative, take in your hand is feeling, in there watching is high-grade, personally, I don’t like that kind of high gloss surface material.


The Yi smart camera uses a very large angular rotation design, which is not a problem either looking up or looking up. The advantage is whether you on a table, a bed or in the ceiling, which can be very good to adjust rotation Angle, to ensure that the small ant smart camera visual area is broad, better monitoring or the location of the specific conditions in the home.

You don’t have to worry about the Yi smart camera because too much rotation causes the knob to loosen up so you can’t put it on your own thought. Small business has been rotated many times, not hundreds or hundreds of times, and it turns out that the knob is still the same compact, does not affect the normal placement, fixed or more reliable. Of course, most of the time when you are using it, you will not be able to move. You are not rotating every day, so use it.

More unfortunately, intelligent camera only small ants can rotate in vertical plane, can not be rotated in the plane of the horizon, this to a certain extent, there are some limitations, though not often can be used, but in some corner place want to let the setting of the camera you want, or need to this small functions, hope that the next generation products can join horizontal rotation.



On the back of the camera is a QR code, which is the identity of the Xiao YI intelligence camera, which we need to use when we are using the phone app to bind the tiny ant intelligence camera.


The back of the camera base is a simple piece of paper that marks the YI logo and model. The edge is a ring of rubber protection pad to prevent the damage of the base friction. The most important thing is to keep it on the table or other plane.


You may not know that the Xiao Yi intelligence camera can separate the fuselage bracket from the camera. Before we separate, let’s remember what it looks like, haha.


In the first half of the Xiao Yi intelligent camera, on the fuselage place can see a clear out of place, around each one, and yes, this is the camera in the above the level of the support. When you want to pull out the camera alone, you just need to pinch the two sides of the camera to get the camera out of the way.


Look at this pure black gadget, the core of the ant smart camera. The panel belongs to the high gloss of the plastic. In fact, the individual feels that if the surface of the camera is similar to that of the fuselage, it might be more upscale and not plastic. It looks like the bright side will look better at this time.


Xiao YI cameras, using 1280 * 720 hd resolution, 111 – degree wide Angle lens, a camera with a broader, higher effect, and it also can be the biggest 4 x digital zoom, see every detail of the picture. What’s the effect? The small make up will release some real-time monitoring of the scene for everyone to understand.




The Xiao Yi smart camera comes with an 8GB memory card. What’s the use?

Xiao Yi smart camera is intelligent recognition after the changes in the current frame, automatic screen video storage, at that time all the video will be stored in the comes with 8 gb of memory card, convenient management and we look at it. So some friends might ask what is the use of storing these images? Actually Xiao Yi smart camera is now a simple family place monitoring equipment, once you broke into the home of a thief or other, all the movements will be recorded, we only need to take out the SD card back to home, with a card reader on the computer side view, you can know all about it.

Of course, if only small children or old people in your home, you can also check the home dynamics through the ant smart video camera, so as not to bump into any problems and keep an eye on your loved ones. Sometimes, you can record the video of your little baby playing, and it’s good to have a memory.

There is a problem here, the small ant intelligent camera has the memory card only 8GB, video storage should be full soon, what to do? According to the official introduction, the small ant intelligent camera is to use motion detection technology to identify whether the current picture has objects moving, and only record the picture when the object is recorded and save a lot of storage space. So you can actually don’t have to worry about this problem, if really can also can buy a bigger memory card (biggest support 32gb SD memory card) put in on record.


In addition, if you have a xiaomi router enhanced version, you can also choose to store video on your router’s 1T hard drive to better guarantee video storage reliability, just in case. But need to know that even if you set the router record images stored in the millet, the small ants intelligent camera comes with 8gb of memory card also is stored as before, just in a fixed period of the corresponding high definition video storage synchronization to millet router (8 gb of memory and storage Gao Qinghe sd in two files, subsequent introduction).

Micro USB charging port. It is compatible with most of the charging heads and data lines on the market, and even if you want to bring your friends to play, you won’t have to take the data line with you. The individual feels some of the USB charging is not convenient, just in the back of the camera directly, each time you insert the USB cable is too difficult, so generally is to insert the camera turn the first data line, and then return. Hoping to Micro USB port to change position, even slightly upward migration, it is easier to insert data line, the second is slightly offset a little won’t make cable is too ugly.


Charger, data cable, instruction. Here you may find that these accessories and small Yi smart cameras have a common characteristic, is a sign of a simple YI, and not a lot of complex design, simple and easy, make overall more a more unified and concise style.



The data line of the tiny ant intelligence camera was about 2m long, and the data line was then directly hit by the data line, because it was rarely seen so long. So that we can more convenient put the camera in the broad places without the need for line is not long enough also meet a strip, if not so long, with little discount leather trap a can, avoid clutter.



There will be a surprise things, Xiao Yi intelligent camera support external mobile power supply, which means you can take your mobile power and small ants intelligent video camera out to travel, the premise is to have WIFI there (the more troublesome, if you don’t need WIFI surveillance video can also be good). Of course, you can use some power supply and 3G wireless WIFI to complete the process.


What do you think of the appearance of the ant smart camera? The individual feels the appearance of the ant intelligence camera is very good, no matter where it is placed will be directly integrated, without any violation and feeling, very beautiful. The ant smart camera is more than a monitoring device, more like a simple craft, a practical artifact.

Suggestions for the ant smart camera:

1. The USB interface proposal can be offset directly below, convenient for the user to insert the data line.

2. It is recommended to increase the function of horizontal rotating camera and add a rotating joint design on the base.


Operation + function remote control, save money, save the heart, save effort

The operation of the ant smart camera is quite simple. The first use requires some simple Settings, and the setting up is simple to give you a brief introduction.

First of all, the preparation work is that the mobile phone and the ant smart camera are on the same WIFI network, which means that you have to use WIFI. Binding, not under the same wifi can also remote viewing small ants intelligent camera images recorded, the router’s remote control with millet is a truth, as long as you little ants intelligent camera at home under the condition of open and access networks, no matter where you are, no matter your mobile or wifi access 3 g mobile network, open the phone app can be real-time checking their home.

The image below shows the infrared night vision monitoring of ant intelligence camera. This function seems to be a part of the public survey machine. At night, the monitor screen is black and white and the effect is very good. But due to have certain influence to monitoring during the day, so there is no infrared night vision function now openly selling version, monitoring during the day, after all, should be the most important, in order to more good friends, so here small make up a simple introduction of the function.


First using a small Xiao Yi smart camera camera, need through the mobile terminal app binding, there are three app to control the smart camera small ants: millet routers, smart cameras, smart home small ants.

Connect the ant intelligence camera to the power supply, and the indicator light should be red.

If you already have Xiaomi router app control 】 【Xiaomi router, open the app, Xiaomi router into the smart devices (has access to the equipment list), and this is a small ant intelligent camera flashing blue lights, click on the mobile phone app at the bottom of the “routing”, wait for automatic search for and bind the successful, intelligent camera can be normal use small ants.


In the future, as long as the ant smart camera is connected to the power source, the camera icon can be directly seen in the xiaomi router app, and click enter. When viewing the screen, you can drag the progress bar shown below the screen, drag it forward to view the history, and replay the previous record. (note: the yellow part below represents the recorded image, since the image is moving during this time frame. In the middle, the black part is the missing state, and there is no record of the picture, because during this period, there is no monitoring. Very smart?


Click “auto, hd, and mark clear” on the left side of the screen to manually switch the current monitoring picture quality to better match your network signal strength. And every time open the small ants intelligent camera intelligent identification of the current network environment, according to your network switch quality, the function well solved owing to the bad network signal monitor to watch the caton problem, so you can look up on the phone as far as possible to the smooth picture record.


In addition, the function ICONS below the screen have (from left to right) : turn off monitoring, voice intercom, and photo recording. Don’t underestimate the power of these three small functions.

Close monitoring: in your home, or do not need to use the small ants intelligent camera, does not have to unplug the power supply, this time you can click on this button, by mobile phone terminal close monitoring. That small ant smart camera automatically shut down, no longer monitored, also will not be stored in the video to the memory card, this to a certain extent can reduce memory footprint, prolong the life of the camera.

Voice intercom: believe everyone played WeChat friends in real-time intercom function, small ants intelligent camera this voice intercom function is similar to the function, if you work in the remote checking their home found the child in the home or the old man appeared what problem, can be directly long real-time intercom function, according to the middle voice intercom button at this time in the home small ant smart camera will automatically play your voice, like a phone call, very practical, convenient, real-time care about his family life.

Of course, if your children or other relatives in the home, but also a function to learn more, you can also let him install millet router app, the same millet account login, enter the small ants intelligent camera, real-time talk back with you, you and he is also under WIFI network save a little money, apply to take care of life, things at home, and so on and so forth. (in addition method, also can use “smart home” smart camera app for small ants sharing management functions (subsequent), let friends to join this big family, the real-time intercom together, save money is to make money!)

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