The Xiaomi Mi365 Scoter Review


For a long time I laid eyes on some relatively means of transportation in the city. Gyroscooter and balancer scooter– a fashionable gadgets but more like toys. And then Xiaomi has just released his own electric skateboard Mijia M365. Favorite firm, affordable price, nice design — the Xiaomi Mijia M365 all came together, may be the best electric scooter and review now.


Gyrometer is the alternative?

Of course not. In the first days of use Xiaomi Mijia M365 I drove it gently and just on flat ground, go on foot any roughness and so on. Two weeks later I threw it all away and began to fly, not particularly dealing with the surface.

Front 3-4 inches of the curb? I just stepped on the accelerter to fly this thing, and especially not to lose in speed. Old curve the asphalt — a little slow and quiet drive through and this place. Well, Yes, shakes, of course. However, gyrometers we’d all be on the pitch, and I rubbed his broken knees or head.

I’ve seen people ride around town on all these misunderstandings. Elevation, the curb, they slow down, neatly slipping. Fell? You can now pick up speed. Meanwhile, I’m on my M365 already at the light waiting for a green light. If you do wait, but it’s Shhh… no one.


What’s in the box?

Before we start, look at a box and what is inside in addition to the hero of our review.

The first thing you need to know about the scooter, by ordering it from China — is the size of the box. The Department of regular mail you don’t get it, because the size of the package is really impressive: 115 x 52 x 18 cm and weight is about 18 kg.


The machine cost $419 and after deduction of the cashback and the money I got M365 just $400. In my opinion, the proposal turned out to be quite profitable.

No issues with delivery was not. The package arrived in about 4 weeks and I received it himself in the office of the Express company. Of course, never paid, no additional fees, taxes and other things.

Inside there was a manual in Chinese, hex wrench for fixing the steering wheel on the steering column, adapter for inflating wheels and of course the charger.




The most important thing! Another advantage of a monowheel.

Standing on Xiaomi Mijia M365, I have three points of support: the left and right foot, and hands, which rest on the wheel. I do not need to balance — I just stay calm and food.


Actually I feels stable on the ground. And all thanks to a long base with two wheels. And this base directed forward. If I start to fall, then sideways, instead of flying head-first or backwards in the opposite direction.

What is it? I can even sit down during the trip. Just like longbord! Not so it looks cool, but can…

Yes, high curb (4 inches) Xiaomi Mijia M365 will not move. He would hit his front wheel, and you come off with your vehicle. I tried, nothing to worry about, but pleasant enough. The obstacles below (height of a curb or deep pothole to 4 cm) has been successfully overcome by scooter. Stepped on the gas and go.


It’s great that scooter is equipped svetovozvrascheniya different labels and private lighting.


Front M365 real led flashlight beam.


Distance of the beam is enough for about 3-4 meters ahead and at night this distance is sufficient to quickly react to a bump or a hole.



On the wing rear wheel put red brake light. It flashes when you press the brake, and constantly says, when enabled by the front flashlight. Again, easy stuff.


Speed and ECO-mode

The device can accelerate to 25 km/h Is fast enough — at the level of confident Cycling.

The speed can reach to a real maximum exactly 25 miles an hour, but usually it’s 20-22 km/h. However, to accelerate it turns out only on a straight road or at a slight incline.

If you’re going to slide the scooter pulls you, but it obviously is not easy. Of course, it all depends on the slope and my 82 kg M365 pulls on a small hill to 15 degrees. Next you need to help leg. Pushed once, drove 5 meters, again push and so on to the title of King of the mountain.


On the roller coaster with a slope of 20 degrees, the scooter almost not going. He just stops and waits until you cut the branches of the left foot or right foot — no difference.

The problem is solved very simply.

Double-click on the power button, the green led on the bottom turns white and Shawkat pulls you up almost any hill and even with the breeze.



ECO-mode is off

M365 is able to ride on the dirt road. All the same tires then inflated, so there is a great elasticity. If you come across rocks or gravel, it is better not to experiment. On the sand, not even easy to ride get. The device gets a stake.

Install Yandex.Translate on your mobile phone.

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