The Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced Quickly Review

Обзор Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced

If you think which TV Box to choose  on Android then take a second I think you will chose Xiaomi. The Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced make simple TV a lot smarter than the heaped up models from Sony or Samsung.

Xiaomi and its partners produce for China, almost everything. Come to us only the most popular devices, but the company is worthy of a little-known gadgets. Take, for example, the range of Mi media player TV Box. These small boxes is the best among its peers. For only $ 90 a happy buyer Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enchanced receives all available functions (even branded joystick) and access to one of the most robust ecosystems on the market.


Processor 6-core 64-bit MT8693 (2 × Cortex-A72 + 4 × Cortex-A53)

Graphics processor Power VR GX6250


Storage 8 GB eMMC 5.0

Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR

Connectors 1 x HDMI 2.0, 2 × USB 2.0 power interface

Output resolution 4K (3 840 × 2 160)

Available codecs HD MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, H. 264, H. 265, Xvid / DivX 4 / 5 / 6

Playable video formats 3GP, AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, TS

Playable audio formats AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG

Playable photo formats BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 25 mm

Weight 190 g


Review Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced

Обзор Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced

Most devices Xiaomi in its design can be compared with the technique of Apple. Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced no exception.

Delivery, as always, very simple: only the most necessary. In packaging made of recycled cardboard is a small console, brand remote control, power supply and HDMI cable. The cable is short, most likely, will have to buy longer ones. But the remote is beyond praise. First, it works via Bluetooth. And secondly, it has a gyroscope and accelerometer, with which the usual means of control becomes quite comfortable joystick.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: remote

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: пульт

Interestingly, Xiaomi chose for most of their multimedia players is white. Counterparts primarily done in black.

Stylish white box will perfectly fit into any interior. It is a pity that the wall is not attached — in some cases it would be useful. Will have to come up with something extra. And this is a serious problem for anyone with a TV attached to the wall, because after buying Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enchanced most of the other companions TV can be thrown away. Hence, the stand apparatus is not required.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: appearance

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: внешний вид

The lack of attachment to the wall is, perhaps, the only drawback. The device looks stylish has an indicator with a nice matte light and generally causes only pleasant emotions.

The connection is not difficult: the power plug into a power outlet and HDMI cable to the TV. All ready to go.


Inside the Mi Box Enhanced is hiding 3 special single-chip platform MediaTek mediaboxes from MT8693. Powerful, with high dissipation. Before, developers had to equip the console active cooling — cooler.

The composition of the chip includes two Cortex-A72 processor with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz, four cores Cortex-A53 with a frequency of 1.6 GHz and PowerVR GX6250. Performance with this combination is very high.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced performance

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: производительность

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: the results in AnTuTu

This custom solution gives 61,000 points in AnTuTu and may compete even with the smartphone middle class. Of course, the actual performance of such devices is not measured by clock speed and number of cores, and the presence of hardware support of decoding required formats of audio and video. See for yourself: not every flagship smartphone can cope with this test.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: проверка производительности

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: performance testing

Plays 4K video H. 265 / HEVC Main 10 (color depth — 10 bit) at 60 fps, H. 264 / AVC High Profile (color depth — 8-bit) at 30 fps. There is support for Dolby (DTS) and 5.1-channel surround sound.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: порты

RAM LPDDR3 2GB, flash drive- 8 GB. Peripheral ports of USB 2.0 and HDMI 2.0 with 4K support allow you to connect the drives up to 128 GB in NTFS and 2.5-inch drives without additional power.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: программная оболочка

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced: opportunities

Wireless interfaces allow you to connect to any type of device without restrictions, including different handles (joysticks, mouse, keyboard) and access points (including NAS and routers with external storage). There is AirPlay support.


Works Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Enchanced running MIUI 7 based on Android 5.1. C full functionality, you can set the browser or office Suite.

Streaming video within the hardware support, but depends on the type of browser. Can slow down or, conversely, very good work. For specific formats, you can install individual codecs.

However, no one bothers to use branded applications, online cinema, YouTube and other similar resources. It’s Android! Here is everything your heart desires. You can install Google Play, if necessary.

The console comes with a fully Chinese OS, but specialized resources will tell a quick way of Russification.

After that, it turns out that the stock firmware is already available to almost any TV shows, movies and TV shows to any required language. Even a rock, nothing else — fairly stable Wi-Fi connection and Internet channel suitable speed.

Among the pleasant bonuses — the ability to customize the playback of content from home network Wi-Fi. Not necessarily from the router or NAS — even from smartphones, computers or any device connected through the USB port. FAT, NTFS and Linux formats are supported.

If the file is not readable, you can access the app store and find the right. In fact, the player can replace a home computer, because Android has everything you need for a modern user. The games work, and how!


Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enchanced makes any TV smart. Only need the HDMI port. Plugged in, configured network, installed Russian language — ready.

The functionality is very broad. Only the most expensive Smart TV has this, and the cost of Mi TV Box 3 Enchanced only $ 90.

Direct competition the console can only make a new line of similar devices on Android TV Xiaomi: Mi 3S for $ 63 and Mi 3S for $ 80. But that’s another story.

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