Xiaomi Mitu RC Robot Open Box and How to Run.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: детали

It seems that Xiaomi is manufactureing almost everything. Actually it is.  Now the company introduced its own version of LEGO. Unlike the usual Chinese sets, Mitu DIY Builder not a copy but a interesting building block.

What is Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY

The Mitu Robot includes 978 done in soothing and pleasing colors. The manufacturer declares that the parts are made from organic and hypoallergenic material. Check out this at home is difficult,  they do not stink but have good strength and do not scratch.

Most of the detail — Compatibility is excellent, accuracy is not worse than the original.

The kit includes many mechanical elements including fasteners, gears, bridges, wheels.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: детали

In addition, the Mitu includes two servo (chassis) with different holes and pads for fixing details of the designer. Each motor has a torque of 24 N·cm and a rotation speed of up to 133 rpm

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: два сервопровода

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: two seropreva

All of this builds and runs with the help of the control unit.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: блок управления


Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: the control unit

The control unit hide the CPU, speakers, and battery.  In Mitu Builder,  ARM Cortex-M3 clocked at 72 MHz and 32 MB RAM. Fundamental differences from the majority of mobile processors at a basic level is not noticeable.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: блок управления


On the front of the unit is the power button and status indicator.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: порты


On the back are four USB Type-C. Each may be used for both charging and connecting external devices: standard from the kit or the optional infrared and ultrasonic sensors.

There is a gyroscope built into the control unit, which is needed to build the basic shape.


Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: battery

Battery capacity is 1,650 mAh rigidly fixing in a separate compartment. Its charge will last for a few days of active playing.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: аккумулятор



The Assembly, which handle even a child

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: схема сборки

Assembly instructions clear, colorful and very detailed. Despite the huge amount of detail, if desired, in the instructions the designer will be able to assemble even a kid of 7-8 years.

The lack of set — excessive precision parts. After their connection with each other to disassemble the design becomes difficult. Then the child can not cope, although Mitu DIY Builder is positioned as a designer for children 10-14 years.

On the other hand, the Assembly of such toys is a great way to spend time with children.

What can Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY suggests four options for the build:

combat robot;




On paper the user can collect only combat robot. To build the other toys you need to install a special app on your smartphone.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY: инструкции для сборки


We were limited to the basic version and decided to build a robot. It took almost half a day. Addictive, after all, adults love LEGO, no less than children.

To ready the robot stood up and began to move, just press the button on the front of the control unit. Built-in gyroscope allows the robot to compensate for vibrations while driving and to always stay upright.








When driving the spinning toy guns associated with the chassis belt drive. Break it just will not work — the design is designed for shipping up to three pounds.






Programming and control via smartphone

The control set is assembled with a smartphone and a pre-set application (link located at the QR code of the user). The smartphone can be anything. The main thing — the presence of Bluetooth.





The app works on devices running Android 4.3 and above and iOS 6 and above. After installing the application, you have to enter your account information Mi or create a new one.

After successful connection to the top of the app displays the percentage of battery charge of the robot. There are three modes:

Mode route planning. You draw on the smartphone screen the route that follows the toy.

The mode controller. The screen displays the familiar game pad with intuitive control.

The programming mode of the robot. Allows you to assign actions and cycles using ready-made cubes and resembles a real block programming of the microcontrollers.

Each of the modes are good in their own way, but the programming turns Mitu DIY Builder in visual textbook. It is possible to program the movement of the action, and when connecting external sensors, even the reaction of the toys.

Inexpensive set for the future of robotics




Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY

Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY is a good way to introduce your children to robotics. In addition, the Mitu can develop thinking, fine motor skills and engineering imagination and help to understand the mechanics.

If we talk about the practicality of the purchase, Mitu Builder DIY is completely similar to LEGO Mindstorms, and even working with him with the details. But the difference is that the original set is worth more than 20 thousand rubles, and also involves more complicated programming process.

Price Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY — $ 122, which is less than half the price of LEGO. Unfortunately, LEGO offers a great opportunity to extend the base functionality: can be purchased separately sensors, extra batteries, generators. This is one of the most advanced sets to work with robotics.

While Xiaomi just announced the sale of add-ons and replacement parts. But Mitu Builder DIY more easily application, intuitive programming process, standard interfaces. This set is easier for a beginner and it is worth to get acquainted with robotics.

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