The Mitu Builder Robot VS Lego EV3 Builder Toy


After receiving the robot, it feels good to have just over a period of time after receiving a few lego EV3, here to make a two products to add product comparison.


Xiaomi’s official website sells for 499,978 parts, with high imitated legos. Just look at the pictures in the back and you’ll see.


The Mitu robot is supplied by Beijing ai technology co LTD.


Open it, and you can see the fillers that protect the box.

There is a box in it.


The cover is a photo of dinosaurs and upright robots that can be built, along with some basic profiles of performance.


Introduction on the back of the box and precautions.


Let everyone enjoy the fun of technology.


Open the lid and you can see the main engine of the rabbit and two motors.


On the side of the motor, take a closer look at the positions of several holes, remember and compare the appearance of the Lego motor in a moment.


Behind the motor, connect a cable, Type C interface.


There are three blocks in the rear.


On the front of the host the Mitu host integrates the gyroscope with the data processing function.

The battery is built in and cannot be replaced, which is not very convenient.


Side block jack.


Host switches and microphones.


The four Type C interfaces on the host side. Because there are only two motors in the package, it is estimated that we will be able to expand the remaining function in the future.


On the back of the main engine, the basic introduction of performance.


As you can see, there are three sides of the main machine that allow for blocks.

Take the main engine and the motor away, and uncover the first layer. Here are the instructions, the manual and the building blocks.


Introduction to the basic content.


Set up a manual, which is a guide to the original cover upright robot.

It can also be downloaded from a tablet or a mobile phone, with the robot’s APP, in addition to the robot and the dinosaur’s electronic manual.


The parts are packed in eight plastic bags and two more are a charger.


Friends who don’t play often have better not pour all the parts into the box, and it will be painful to find the parts when they start to build.

There is a box in xiaomi packing box which can be classified and put in. It will be more convenient in the future.


Detail drawing of parts.

The parts of the rice Mitu block are still good, very close to legos, and the basic feeling is not different.





Look good, I’ll put a couple of photos of the same parts lego bricks in a moment, and you can compare them.


The gap is still bigger.


Once it has been built, it can’t be stopped. It starts at midnight and finishes at 4:30 in the morning.


This is the operation APP for the Xiaomi Mitu builder.


The main interface is dominated by three modes of control. 1. Path mode 2. handle mode 3.programming mode. (Chinese version)

Using the path mode, you can draw a running path on the screen of your phone or tablet, and the robot will follow the trajectory.


Using the handle mode, it is like playing the remote control car, pressing the instruction forward and backward.

The most interesting thing is the programming model, which is simple and provides a tutorial to learn a little bit.

Now let’s start tearing up the box for lego EV3.


Lego EV3, product number 45544.

The overall price of lego is still more expensive, especially if you want to build a nice robot and buy a box of EV3 spare parts. The product number is 45560.

I will give you a brief introduction on this.


On the side of the box, you can see the introduction of 541 blocks.


Open cover is a piece of cardboard, which in turn introduces the building blocks of the box.


Take out the cardboard, it’s a receiving box.


And then there’s the component packaging.


At the bottom is another piece of cardboard that introduces some big things.


Take a picture.


Put it in categories.


Let’s take a closer look at these parts.


A close-up of the parts of Lego.

Please turn over to the photos of the Mitu and lego, it’s not similar but it’s exactly the same.

So, if you have a lot of lego in the future, you have to keep it in separate management. It is not wise to hang together.


Top of main engine and large servo motor.

The host face can see a home screen and six control keys.


The building blocks on the side of the main engine.

The input port on the host side can connect various EV3 sensors.


At the other end of the host, four output ports can connect the EV3 motor.

There is also a PC interface, which can be uploaded to the EV3 by connecting the computer.


On the side of the motor, look at the picture in front of article, and you will say it is similar!

Behind the motor, the data line interface and the block jack.


Color sensor, touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor, gyro sensor, medium – sized servomotor.

Used to connect the host to a motor or sensor, with a crystal head on both sides.


Using to connect computer and host data lines.


On the back of the main engine, you can put six sections and 5 batteries to put your own charging battery, which is more convenient.


Set up a manual comparison.

Look at it. It’s almost the same.


This is the main interface of the EV3 computer programming, and there are several other control methods that are not introduced here because they are not mainstream.


Comparing with Xiaomi we can see that lego EV3 has a better ability to expand. More gameplay can be achieved through eight ports and various key combinations of hosts.

There are many teenagers in the world lego robot competition, give you a proposition, by design robot and program to complete the task.

I’ll give you another chance.

I’ve got a program that you can look at. Graphic, more suitable for teenagers to accept.

Not all programs are so complicated, kids write two or three steps to play well.

Let a summary.

The Mitu builder robot is still very good overall, whether it is the work or the software. The most important thing is the price comparison. It’s nice to play with yourself or give it away. The downside is that there are no more sensors so it’s harder to find more funny.

Of course, if the economy is enough, it’s best to go straight to the EV3. The different combinations of sensors can be built to be more resistant to play.

If you’re interested, just say in the comments, I’ll look for a couple of EV3’s video.

There must be more players in BBS, and I’m here to give you more communication.

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