The Budget RC Vacuum Robot IlIFE V7S On Trail, Not Toys but Cleaning House


Drag goddess yo,

You wave around the smooth floor,

As I sing,

tried to wipe and mop,

Hang the mop up to dry,

Let the wind blow it dry,

The white clouds float and the sun shines.

That’s what I look like every weekend. 200 square meter ground really is not a small project. once every week sweep floor, wipe can get a person to be worn down. I would like to have a sweeper to work for me, but I can’t clean one floor and the floor. Then began to focus on the sweep of the machine, imported too expensive, cheap and difficult to use, it is really nerve-racking. Finally I chosen the ILIFE V7S


The goods arrive quickly, good big box. Here is the inner packing. The outer packing box has been knocked down. The packing is very attractive. The packing is very high and thick.


Opening the box, a box of accessories is dazzling, what are these? Accessories and body were protected well, fixed by paper supporting products, does not use the styrofoam that will pollute the environment. So many parts of the author is very curious, want to eager to experience, one by one to use.


Well, it’s a complete set of equipment, and it’s a lot more to work with the sweeper, so that you can experience the product better.


This is a mop for the use of the mop, can be removed and replaced, it is also very convenient to clean up.


The installation buckle at the bottom is very special. This base plate needs to be used with the water tank. If it is an inside of the main engine, it can’t be installed in place.


These two are the backup strainer of the dust box.


Then, this is the functional implementation of the ilife V7S ground cleaning robot. The black is the dust collecting box, the blue is the water tank, so far, the capacity is the largest.


Let’s look at the water tank, completely closed, opening at the top of the rubber plug, irrigation, water oozed from the bottom of the hole, above has the scale line, can hold 400 ml, largest capacity is very large.



The black transparent is a dust collector, the lid is opened from the top, and 2 filters can prevent dust from flying in the host body.


The remote control is also very small, the above buttons and feels very appropriate, buttons and use two colors to distinguish, the remote control is used to control the host, this is very convenient, sitting there, arbitrary command, let host work, although there is no remote control can also be used, but the function of remote control or more, and such as timing, sweep the floor pattern, or to use the remote control to set.


After looking at the main parts, let’s look at the mainframe. I choose this ground clean robot is the pink that is popular nowadays, the home use is more warm, also is the color that is popular nowadays. This kind of match color appears more fashionable, decorous, the appearance aspect is more round, streamline the side body radian, also accord with contemporary aesthetic, periphery is white main body.


There is a CLEAN the front at the top of the touch key, in the absence of a remote control, you can directly start/stop button for operation, and have light, can be knowledgeable about the current state of the, at the bottom of the ILIFE LOGO is very eye-catching, yellow with silver words, very fashionable.


The PUSH here can open the cover, put in a dust box or water tank, and press down to close it.

After PUSH, the cover plate is easy to bounce, and after opening the cover, it looks like this.


Ilife V7S ground the front end of the cleaning robot has a big collision, can avoid the wall in the job lead to damage of the host, it USES infrared ray to detect, can have the effect of radar, monitoring to the ground in front of the case, if there is a cliff terrain or wall, can adjust path forward, to turn around in time, prevent collision and falling.


The bottom of the fuselage also has sensors that can detect conditions on the ground and prevent falling, acting as a human eye.


Turn it upside down and see what’s underneath it. There is a large forward wheel on the left and right sides, and a wanxiang wheel can control the front direction, as well as a cooling window and a power supply key, beside the famous brand.


The switch is designed on the bottom of the fuselage, which is also a common design, which can be switched off when not in use.


The bottom of the fuselage is designed with a sweeping brush that sweeps around the loot, especially the dead Angle, and then sweeps it into the machine.


The bottom brush, besides sweeping the floor, can also prevent a large body from entering the host to cause the shell, which can also be taken down to clean.


Below, we officially start the trial, using the power adapter and the charging seat to charge the machine before work.


The charging contacts at the bottom of the floor are in contact with the charging base, indicating that the light is in yellow, indicating that the charging is in the process of charging.


(not end)

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