KINGBOT Spaceman RC Robot With Shoots Review



Infrared remote control:equipped with a strong 2. 4ghz transmitter,easy to operate. Which allows wireless controllable distance more than 15m.

Multiple modes:includes walking mode(slowly & speedily) & slide mode(slowly & speedily). You can switch mode freely and control the direction of the robot easily.

Function: you can control its flexible arm easily by left hand up, left hand down, right hand up and right hand down. Also can shooting in a fixed direction or randomly, fighting, singing, dancing. Walk, shoot, fight, patrol, machine language, arm-swing, programming.

Intellingent program: all keys on remote control can be programmed to add many playing way. Program 50 key is the most. Can connect several actions together and replay them in turn to meet what you want and increase more fun. ,appealing to your kids.

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This is such a cute little robot. It can as the birthday gift because most of children love the cool robot. I realized they all seemed very expensive or super cheap and he was thrilled with this one(perhaps he likes spacemen.

According the customer opinion, the little children easily control its movements with the remote controller, making it dance, shoot the rubber missils or move around. So much fun with it. The flashing lights on the robot are also cool,see,a shiny spaceman is walking to us.It can works 30 mins after one charge. So happy with the robot. I would like to recommend this to other customers.

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