Xiaomi Mi Drone Real Flying Experience

Hardware installation

Before the Xiaomi Mi Drone(uav) flight test, first of all is assembled for unmanned aerial vehicle, millet of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The packing box includes airframe, handle, skirts and other unmanned aerial vehicle accessories,and camera are independent packaging.

Rc drone is very inconvenient to carry at present. Xiaomi is better to do this because the Xiaomi uavs considered portability using a modular design such asstents used folding design use of stents can be put down and not can be folded easily into the bag.


The camera uses a removable structure and the camera and base can be disassembled without knowing if Xiaomi will launch a hand-held cloud platform. When installing the cloud platform, it was a little bit of a nuisance. The main thing to do when installing the cloud is when you hear “bang bang” to be installed.


At the top of the cloud camera, you can see the camera card and the data interface, and remember to place the memory card in before making the drone.

Xiaomi Mi drone since the tight propeller used was the design of the blade and screw separation, according to fly m technology CEO is the wastage of the blade is very big, and 60% of the cost of uav propeller on the screws parts, the cost of the blade accounted for only 40%. The user can change the blades directly after the propeller is damaged, and the screws can be removed and reused.

But when installing propellers, we found a problem that was so bad for many users that the screw parts of the propeller were easily dropped. The feasible solution is: user install the operating process of propeller, just put the screw color on the color of the spiral arms and then identify according to the direction of propeller on the can.


The next step is to install batteries. We can find the battery area occupies the Xiami mi drone (uav) a large part of the fuselage. Mi drone is using a 5100 mah battery, the battery can support Xiaomi unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) single flight 27 minutes. The battery can be plugged directly, but with a bit of effort, which is partially connected to the fuselage so that you don’t have to worry about falling off the battery.


Real flying experience

The first thing to note is Xiaomi Mi drone sets a new model for it and the model is not yet over. In the novice mode, the flight distance is limited to 100m, the flight height is limited to 50m, the flight speed limit should be at 6m/s, so during the flight it will be seen that the aircraft fly slowly. If you want to fly the drone much further, then you can do it after 300 minutes of beginner mode.

(Chinese Version)


When you start flying, what you need to do before you take off is to connect the vehicle to the remote control, which is a very time-consuming thing to do. The first thing you need to do is turn on the remote and then turn on the aircraft, and the Mi drone gives the remote control, the boot and the way to turn off the machine and press the button for two seconds.

After open the aircraft and the remote control open millet unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is on the phone APP, the APP to connect with the remote control, can be a bit on this point, such as mobile phones connect to the remote control is always fail, hot to open several times, each time when unable to connect we will exit the APP and then reopened.

After the success of the connection, the novice will have a new operating mode when the novice is entering. He suggests that the novice should read more, and the old hand will also need to read it, which may be different from other uav operation modes.

After complete all the steps, could see shown on the mobile phone APP can “take off”, this time short press + long press the remote button on the right side of the aircraft will automatically enter a state of take-off, try to keep people from Mi drone before taking off 5 meters distance, unmanned Mi drone zone remain empty. You can also use this button if you want to stop flying.

The company’s official flight time for the battery was 27 minutes, but the actual flight time was shorter than that, considering battery loss, takeoff and return. It takes only an hour for a single 5100A milliampere to be charged, but it takes two and a half hours to recharge a fully depleted battery. Two and a half hours of electricity is less than 27 minutes, and the battery is still very much in space.


According to the experience, the battery power will be in the second-level low-power mode when the battery is 30%, and the quantity of the battery will be less than 29% and the battery will be red, and the battery will be lower than 15%. When the battery is less than 15%, the drone will automatically land. So here’s a reminder that if a drone’s battery is less than 20% of the time it should be ready to go back.

In addition, it is suggested that the low power mode should be returned as soon as possible to avoid the flying loss of the uav.


Because we are still in the new mode we can’t operate on the function of the flying and automatic tracking of the specification. But it can be done automatically. We know later about the technology engineers automatically return with its own logic: from 10 m, the height under 30, will return to the starting point, up to 30 m higher than 30 meters, will maintain a high return the starting point distance within 10 m, height less than 3 m, return to the starting point, up to 3 m height is higher than 3 m, can directly to land.


The following photos are taken by xiaomi drone aerial photography, and you can take a look at it.


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