Xiaomi Drone 4K Dji 3 Standard Comparison

Dji 3 Drone

It is known that dji has been in the drone market for many years and has launched many world-renowned RC drone. Xiaomi started with high cost performance and software services. It has been expanding its market over the years and has accumulated a certain reputation in consumers and industry. Originally Xiaomi and Dji is no intersection. They are famous two companies are science and technology industry in China, but now the Xiaomi foray into unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market making people have a great curiosity: Xiaomi drones and Dji, which is better?

In total, Xiaomi has released two drone products, of which 1080p and 4K version. Xiaomi 1080p version, which sells for RMB 2,499 yuan, is one of the cheapest aerial drones in the market. The dji 3 Standard equivalent is the RMB 2,999. These two drones are very close to both configuration and function, and we can compare these two products to explore the technical strength of Xiaomi and dji, which is fair. And Dji 4 is industry accepted best uav products consumer market, its environmental perception and walls, visual tracking and guidance has led to the function of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight industry a new development direction. So we will bring you a millet drones and big 3 s xinjiang elves contrast measurement, and introducing the elves 4 performance as a benchmark for reference, this article from the aerial everybody very much concerned about the quality first.

▍ appearance & configuration

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The design of the quadrotors is much the same, and the dji jinn series has become an industry classic, and the appearance of the mi uav is very simple. Speaking of uav aerial had to say well, this is one of the important parts, maintain stability of the picture is clear can see 3 s are adopted with millet drones and elves damping ball yuntai, external and elves 4 built-in yuntai adopted a more concise and relaxed. As for the damping effect of the three clouds, we will test them below.

Lens configuration is also a major factor affecting the aerial photography quality of uav, even the most important factor. Here’s a summary of the table, and we’ll look at three of the drone’s lens configurations.

The configuration of these three drones is similar in terms of parameters, but the parameters are not everything. The camera of xiaomi drone 1080p has reached 16 megapixels, which theoretically can obtain higher analytical force, which we will compare below. But video is the soft rib of the mi drone, which supports only 1080p resolution, and the video code rate is only 20M, but the specific quality of the painting needs to be tested. In all, the mi uav and dji jinshi3 are different in the configuration parameters, and all need to be measured. The elf 4 is not even as good as a xiaomi drone, but the next one will prove that 12 million pixels can be clearer than the 16 megapixels.



It can be seen that the camera problem of the mi drone is almost the same as that of the camera, but also the problem of resolution and tolerance. The 3S and 4 can still make green trees and blue skies in the event of backlight, but the xiaomi drone is a dull one. There are no obvious jelly effects in the three cameras, but there is a certain amount of drag in the high-speed fuselage.

Sprite 4 supports 4K video shooting, or 1080p video with a frame rate of 120fps, which leaves a lot of room for post-processing; Although the mi drone supports 60fps 1080p video shooting, the picture quality is so bad that it is difficult to meet the aerial photography needs. It’s been nearly a year since the time of the elf 3S, and the 2.7 K resolution that it supports has been shot high at the time, but the drone aerial photography has entered the 4K era a year later.


By contrast in the extreme case, you can see that xiaomi’s performance in the yuntai part is good, the picture is more stable, but the picture quality is really too slag… A slight shift in the 3S and 4 hovering, probably related to the gales of the day, but not serious.


There is a problem is in Xiaomi uavs figure transmission. Sometimes requiring images captured but the RC drone have floated off the plane, even appeared the figure stuck situation. So we did a second sample collection, and the prototype of the xiaomi drone is still very vague, which may really be a problem for this mi drone. Elves 3 s although it is very cheap, but it is also a price last year more than 4 k of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), its performance is stable, but the official configuration of the remote control doesn’t clip mobile phone, need to buy a bracket.

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