The Xiaomi Mi Drone New Arrival and Review

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Xiaomi Mi Drone, as a new drone manufacturers is budget but quality on the RC quadcopter marketing. The 4K version of $462.99, the price is idea, how about the performance? Let’s discover!

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The package includes a drone, a 4k camera, four turboprops, a remote control, a battery, a charger, and four red guard stands. For the first experience, it is safe to suggest that you install a screwdriver and 10 screws at random, and install 8 screws. It’s more difficult to disassemble and disassemble, even if you take down the protection rack, fold the landing gear, remove the propeller, and then remove the camera, and then it can be collected into the normal backpack.

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The remote, like a gamepad, more like a rabbit. There are two pulleys in the upper left corner and upper right corner, controlling the pitch and exposure ev values respectively. On the right, this pulley can be customized in the App, but it is actually controlled by the brightness of the machine. The two buttons on the back of the remote control the camera and the camera, and the phone bracket is hidden at the top of the remote control.

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The landing gear can be tucked away on both sides, and the bottom of the fuselage is covered with gold heat sinks, that it must be born without a fever. After the test flight, the fuselage does not feel hot. In the following set of black circles are the optical flow assisted localization.


The three-axis 4k camera, which lens is 2.8 aperture, equivalent 35mm full-frame 20mm focal length, and the base is a 1/2.3 inch SONY sensor.

The back of the 4k camera can see the fan’s cooling hole, the TF card slot and the Micro – USB port.

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Then there is the battery, 5100mAh, the heaviest part of the fuselage.

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This is the finished assembly, after lowering the landing gear, if you can add the landing gear and the folding function, you can reduce the wind resistance and improve the stability.

Flight experience:

Moving around and keep within the rocker horoscope three seconds, the motor start, stable push up the left joystick, uav can launch, Xiaomi unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with automatic take-off and landing capability at the same time, under the condition of meet the automatic take-off and landing, automatic take-off and landing button lights from red to white, short press then long press this button again, Xiaomi drone automatically rise to 4 m height and hovering, as land is the same operation that can effectively prevent by accident. This function is very suitable for novices. If it can not meet the automatic takeoff and landing conditions when the takeoff conditions are satisfied, We can try the manual and not difficult. Of course, this is the beginner mode, with all the supporting features and limits the flight height of 50 meters.

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The suspension of the Mi drone is very smooth, and the official anti wind parameter is less than or equal to 4. In the process of use, the real-time wind speed reached level 6, and the one float with the wind, but it remained stable, which also verified that the official anti-wind performance parameters were reliable.

Now, the most critical point, the battery during time. Official for 26 minutes of time are given. A lot of people on the Internet asking about return and landing of Xiaomi drones, is low battery remind return, lost in automatic return, low power is the automatic landing, vertical landing!

About automatic return function, there is no chance to record the location of the take-off, when automatically return, the return on the remote control switches, Mi drone can automatically return, above picture cookie is take-off point, automatic returning landing point distance from take-off point bout two meters.

As Xiaomi drone is no obstacle avoidance system, so need to set its height to a certain extent, reduce the risk of collision, the Xiaomi drone App loading screen will prompt set its height before the one take-off.

Set height is, however, cannot completely avoid the risk of collision, the vast sky but there are many dangerous. There are so many wires, a lot of tall buildings is higher than Mi drone maximum flying height, so do not rely solely on automatic return. So human intervention can adjust direction and height in the process of automatic return and height, but stop human intervention uavs will continue along the direction of the original return, return automatically switches can stop moving.

In a word, Xiaomi Mi drone as a entry level FPV drone, it is worth.


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