The Phantom 3 SE Camera Review



Duration and experience: 21 minutes of normal uninterrupted use

It will take about 21 minutes for a severe low power (10%)

Phantom 3 SE battery life can be up to 25 minutes because actually used for security measures to protect the aircraft was less than 10% will be forced to land in a dark windy night. According to the experience of personal use, aircraft to retain at least more than 30% of the electricity used in return (line-of-sight range), in addition to pay attention to the best wind and wind environment at the time, if it is against the wind back will cost more apparent power and and more than 5 level wind aircraft may not be able to progress smoothly.

Role for the elves 3 SE figure, for the sake of using enhanced wi-fi distance is increased but still quite weak anti-interference ability, for example: adopt OcuSync digital map and Mavic Pro through bamboo part (cover), the entire image smooth shine. While holding the spirit 3 SE, just entering the bamboo forest screen transmission has been carton, and finally lost the map signal. Spirit 3 SE is slightly less anti-interference to the environment, but for the general open environment, it is more than enough to use the aerial photography within the range of horizon. After all, the price is in front of it.

Photo and video: real color reduction high, details underperformance


Phantom 3  lens  is same to the family of Phantom 3. The photo can restore the real color, but the sharpness of details performance is poorer. The night shooting noise  exist, also easy to distortion of the some areas. As for the performance of video quality, you can check the bottom of the picture, which is basically similar to the quality of the photos.  If  you have a high quality will spend more time fixing picture.

The Sprite 3 SE live-beat video, without using d-log mode and mild moderating saturation and contrast, d-log mode takes a lot of time.


The night Photo

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