The Hubsan X4 Best Mini Drone Review

【Toy Story】您也可以拥有的廉价航拍工具-哈博森X4 H107C

What does the world look like in a bird’s eye? The progress of science and technology we can put the camera installed on the remote control drone with a vision to see the scenery. The popularity of the Rc drone, we can use cheap price to experience this aerial thing.

The remote-controlled multi-axis aircraft is the second popular aviation model, which is a popular aviation model, which can reach the mobile by controlling multiple independent motors. The four-axis is especially popular. Four axis drone flight stability. Although load level and function of rc drone far less than the RC drone but as a enter level simplicity.

If you use the appropriately actually the drone can be taken to some interesting film.

If the camera industry positioning, about equal to the digital camera, usually in the form of suit, not replacement parts, remote control drone of size is fine, most prices are below $200.

【Toy <wbr>Story】您也可以拥有的廉价航拍工具-哈博森X4 <wbr>H107C

This series of X4 series, the H107C, is the middle order model of this series. The entry model H107L has no shooting function, and H107C has the function of film recording, and the high order model H107D has the first view (FPV) and video function. H107C is also available in hd (1280×720) and standard (640×480) and is the only version of the X4 series to provide hd video. The camera and video module are hidden inside the fuselage, and the design is very integrated.

【Toy <wbr>Story】您也可以拥有的廉价航拍工具-哈博森X4 <wbr>H107C

H107C loveliness is built-in video function, at the same time, the fuselage remained light, probably a big palm, and can install propeller protector, even indoors can enjoy the flight.

The remote-controlled drone powered by batteries claiming to be able to fly for seven minutes, but the actual test flight takes about four minutes. Flight time has a lot to do with flying habits. The more change in speed and direction, the faster the battery will burn, so you might as well get more batteries. In addition, battery charging is also a knowledge of the subject, and there are many things to be noticed, and the battery life can also be affected by the charge. The propeller is the only waste product of the aircraft, hitting the wall, falling and other accidents can cause the damage of the propeller and thus affect the flight stability. It is necessary to prepare several pairs of pairs, and it can be used for color. The battery is the same as the propeller, it is more than 10, 20 yuan accessories, the consumption is not high, the broken change.

【Toy <wbr>Story】您也可以拥有的廉价航拍工具-哈博森X4 <wbr>H107C

【Toy <wbr>Story】您也可以拥有的廉价航拍工具-哈博森X4 <wbr>H107C

It’s not difficult to learn this mini four-axis, only to proofread the instructions, and the built-in gyroscope will keep flying at the flying level, while the indoor flight posture is stable. Since there is no automatic positioning function, you should constantly adjust the throttle and direction to reach the suspension attitude. Walked outside to the fly but when is another world, because the body is light, the motor speed is slow, in the open air flight is very vulnerable to the influence of wind, a slight whiff of leads to its horizontal offset, windy days more can make is very difficult to control, small size also makes it easy to fly away. And often the direction Angle of the wind correction will also make the video out of the movie very jitter, so it is suggested to fly in the breeze day.

Official claims that the remote control distance is 100 meters, if in the outdoor environment, a receding measured 50 m is no problem, but it’s very hard to see it go to so far have form, to deal with before and after the left and right is a big challenge, because there is no the first one Angle of view function, far is both do, and dangerous.

Built-in 1280 x720 pixel according to video film, fully automatic, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, what also can’t set, control the start and stop video button on the aircraft fuselage, means that you are not able to video switch controlled by remote control. Video compression rate is modest, not the case, but is not full of detail, the automatic white balance effect, especially in the face of predominantly green screen, you’ll want to choose the white balance setting, but 500 yuan worth of toys can’t ask so much, I compared the other brand level about the price of the toy aircraft, four axis H107C HD version of the video quality is the best.

In the face of the spectacular scenery, the camera lens of the built-in camera lens is not wide enough, but in the foreign model discussion area, useful home finds that you can change the wide Angle lens for H107C, and the Angle of view reaches 120 degrees. I also followed suit, the shooting effect of wide-angle lens is better than the original match lens, the picture is wider, and the vibration caused by the motor to the film becomes less obvious.

The following is a movie with a wide Angle of view.

【Toy <wbr>Story】您也可以拥有的廉价航拍工具-哈博森X4 <wbr>H107C

Because of the TV show effect, more and more people interested in aerial like a big boy, in the decision to buy a GPS/compass positioning function such as interest level before the aircraft, a mini machine, small four axis can serve as training the basic skills practice, is a good choice. And it’s small, it can be played daily, but don’t expect too much of it. In addition, the short flight time is really to be improved, and the internal parts are not designed with the plug type, which can be troublesome if the parts are damaged to be replaced.

For the use of mini four-axis film, after two months of experience, the following tips are Shared, and I hope to be useful to you:

(1) when shooting, try to use low motor speed, light to the throttle, and reduce the vibration caused by high speed rotation. Although the rate of rise will be slower, the film will be more stable.

(2) if not necessary, do not use left and right tilt flight when shooting, as this will cause the picture to shake clearly. The flight of the aircraft will not be straight up and down, while it is normal to have a slight horizontal deviation in the wind environment. No overcorrection is required.

(3) use offset compensation to replace forward/backward direction control. To correct the deviation of gyroscope, before and after the remote control, and rotary offset compensation about button, when your aircraft flying offset to one side, adjust the compensation button to reduce the deviation. Through substantial adjustment offset compensation, such as repeated forward compensation button, flight controller would think craft seriously backward migration, automatically increase the power of the forward flight, this is in the absence of control rod driving direction automatically forward flight at a fixed speed, very suitable for shooting the film.

(4) avoid backlighting, the built-in camera is not like your digital camera, it can’t handle complicated light, and backlighting will be very disappointing to you.

(5) plan for the pictures in advance, then land on a short flight, repeat many times, and return home to choose the most stable segment of the computer.

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