The Dji Spark Flying Review –begin


Convenience of Dji Spark is not only in body shape but also it’s also about manipulation

Spark is the most portable aerial drone in the dji. There are three batteries and a foam box and a rechargeable butler. One set of them is less than a Phantom 4 and a small backpack can easily fill it.




The lacking of a foldable machine arm design is a shame, but it also reduces the number of active parts of Dji Spark and the aircraft is more resistant to falling.


The Spark overturned all the preparation work before Dji uavs fly as long as take the droneout from the bag in your hands. Double-click power key and the Spark recognizing the faces fly to heaven with compact shape with smooth controling, the Spark is really very portable.

Some details deserve praise

From the Angle of the design cost consideration, now has Mavic, spirit, and Inspire big can mix up the mature design, used to design a new aircraft. The Spark is an example of this.

In general, Spark is a completely new design, but look closely at it and you can find some familiar places.



(the blades and the motor, basically the miniature version of Mavic Pro)


(two axis cloud platform is an enlarged version of Inspire 2 FPV lens)


(a two-color fuselage has a texture similar to that of Mavic Pro.)

I personally love Spark a few details. Above one is the  3d sensing system, a small function module to the front of the Spark looks very full, introduce the Spark of play to others when they are not afraid to distinguish where should not to the gesture.

The second is Spark’s cooling. Although the fuselage is very compact, also don’t like Mavic Pro can get a metal heat sink beneath the aircraft, the Spark just below the top color casing design a similar to the notebook computer cooling fan cooling channels, cold air in hot air out, the cooling effect is good, even if in the hot sun fly straight to no electricity, also won’t feel the battery and the plane body is too hot.

Blade cover is also a bright spot. That I am out of the simple article also mentions, four blade shield does not need to pass any screw connection, also is not a simple open card buckle, installed after the strong degree is not worse at those with screws. Don’t look at this unremarkable change. A selfie drone requires an oar shield, and an overly complex installation method will only allow the novice to unpack and can’t reduce the risk of accidental injury.

Unfortunately, the Spark standard box has no place to collect the cover, so the blade cover is as safe as the charger.

Finally, Spark also has a very deep hidden improvement – the charging butler. Previous Dji charge housekeeper can put several battery at the same time, but only in order to recharge the battery, and Spark battery housekeeper can give more than the battery at the same time, the total charging time shortened significantly. The two batteries in our hands can be charged for an hour or so, and dji official data show that the charging butler can fill three batteries in 85 minutes.


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