The Dji Mavic Pro Open Box and Appearance Review


I played drone going on for several years. From the earliest to now I have not been less passionate about drones. Even I will have a drone in the backpack in the every trips because of taking off to record a good time. At first DJI brand is not as popular as today. And drones don’t have anything to do with a GPS hovering or headless mode flight and it’s hard to imagine what kind of aerial photography. Thinking about that time. It’s like a child just walking.


In the 2016, Dji is finally released their folding drone MAVIC PRO. A window shopping at times, passing DJI store and i casually asked the MAVIC PRO and found it is cool. I also bought a look the suitcase full of pretend bility.


Take a look at the box, the all-black look, the line is tough, as long as a simple LOGO in the middle is enough.


The clasp of the box is strong, the opening and closing are smooth, the moment of the break is not small, a click.


This box is a new past the old mould is not so careful, inside the box are that directly cut out of the mould, the new mould is a molding not late cutting, edge horn accurate and smooth. An all-around suit except the car charger is thrown in the glove box, the other accessories are all put in without any pressure.


The drone folds up to the size of a bottle of ice tea and is more portable than the drone used before. On the arm, a thick, thin pair of golden decorations emblazoned with the MAVIC PRO logo.


The base of the drone is a metal shell, and the entire shell is designed to be a radiator.


Remove the rubber mat outside the cloud cover and we can see the MAVIC PRO camera. Compared with other drones, MAVIC PRO’s three-axis cloud platform can be considered delicate. In the premise of ensuring the quality of the painting, try to design smaller, so that it is easier to receive. The camera supports the shooting of 4K video, which is perfectly adequate for ordinary aerial photography lovers, but if you want to pursue better quality, you can buy P4P, mechanical shutter and 1 inch COMS.


Before flight should remove protective cover otherwise there will be a glare effect on image quality. IMG_269

The same folding of the remote control, with the fuselage of the signal transmission maximum distance given official is 7 km, this is a what concept, 30 storeys of a building height is not ultra hundred meters, 500m distance unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) line of sight is not visible, we imagine this distance. The distance from the distance to a short distance flight, the confidence of the person is satisfied.


Universal set of two pieces of spare battery and charging butler, charging housekeeper is not for all the battery at the same time, it in turn to each one in its battery charging sequence, not so fast.


We will have a detailed talk about MAVIC PRO, at the bottom of the bottom integrates many of the original, including its accurate records the take-off point camera, both before and after, in the use of accurate records take-off point for takeoff, the plane is not rising to a height of 1.5 m, but the height of the higher hover, so indoor don’t easy to use, will be the top to the roof. The double ultrasound, which allows the drone to hover like a sea pin, would be more accurate if it were outside.


The foldable blades, which need not be expanded before take-off, can be opened by the motor rotation of the drone, which is more convenient to use. And it comes with three pairs of paddles. The paddle is divided into positive and backward, and the motor is installed with the blade mark.


The drone blade expands and waits to take off.


The DJI LOGO of the tail.


Model of the arm.


Details of motors and blades.


On the positive side, MAVIC PRO is not a flat design, but a slightly uplifted design, which looks a bit like a hercules transport.


The box, the remote control, the uav are in a harmonious, style is my favorite type, a hundred not tired.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) before the first flight to battery charged to 100% capacity, system default battery available, after electrify link average GO4.0, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) firmware upgrade firmware, remote control, process to about 30 minutes, want to have patience, everything ready to upgrade can fly.


Ok, this time, the MAVIC PRO’s open box will be here first. After a while, we will share with the friends the use of MAVIC PRO and the playing method.

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