The Comparing between Phantom 4 and Phantom 3


1.The appearance of contrast: Phantom 4 appearence is similar to the Phantom 3. The key different is the 4 battery positions close to the motor thus the distribution of the weight, which make the drone weight more balance to easy control. The figure below also shows that the integration of Phantom 4 is simple, which greatly reduces wind resistance.


Phantom 4 (left) VS Phantom3

2.The manipulation: by manipulating the comparison, in my opinion, the Phantom 4 softer than 3 to much, whose operations is systematically executed precisely. But it is crazy immediately rise speeds of up to 20 m/S when adjust to the S model. It’s really hard to manage and skill is quite high.


Phantom4 (left) VS Phantom3


The new generation of smart motors ensures heat dissipation at a high speed, but there is a red zone in the motion mode to prevent the motor from overheating and forcing down the speed.

Phantom4 (left) VS Phantom3

3.The image contrast: official figures give average is on the lens distortion and aberration has the very big progress, the author through the contrast, indeed in the difference in color, 3 slant blue elves, elves 4 color reproduction is true, but the quality difference is not too significant, rise to continue to study.

‚Äč IMG_259

Photograph contrast in the same location


Phantom 4 aerial photography mountain village

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