Phantom 4 Intelligence Flying Review. Good Expenience


Phantom 4, whose hardware and software upgrade, the key to launching is the direction flight, smart to follow and obstacle avoidance and more function. There are making people anxious to know this smart “flying robot” exactly where is smart. It is really entered the era of intelligent as advertised. Through the actual test of the author and a bunch of friends, really feel that this kind of intelligent flight experience is really great, which is a milestone product.

1. Obstacle perception

With the development of the technology, drone flying has become simple but the collision is often the main cause of the crash, as one of the biggest highlights of the Phantom 4, obstacle perception system can greatly reduce the vehicle collision probability. The built-in two front sensors will continuously scan the forward space as soon as the obstacle is detected. The Phantom 4 will gradually decelerate until it is suspended, waiting for the user to choose a new direction. In addition, when the “smart to follow” or “show flight” function starts, so will activate obstacle perception system, Phantom 4 will choose both security and efficiency of flight routes to bypass obstacles, to ensure the safety of the flight automatic driving condition. However, this feature 4 is not equipped to be in place and provides only the forward perception, but don’t take “buttocks” for testing.


(1) In the actual test, when the vehicle is approaching the obstacle, the middle area will use the red and yellow green to send out the distance warning with a hint. ​

Intellisense disorder

(2) We use video to show the fact that the elf 4 is close to the obstacle in the movement. It should be said that the function of the former visual obstacle is very reliable to remind and hover when approaching the obvious obstacle.

2. Smart follow

The Phantom 4 has applied “learning technology”, not only to “look”, but also to “remember” and use “eyeball” to identify objects tracked. It’s smart to follow function does not need to use any external devices (such as bracelets, etc.) can be achieved, when intelligent follow function start, obstacle perception system will follow the activation, can choose safe route to bypass obstacles, ensure flight safety.

(1) Enter the smart flight mode and click on the left remote control of the app on the camera screen. The screen will show four modes, namely, guiding flight, intelligent follow, ordinary remote control, intelligent flight.


APP mode selection

  1. intelligent follow model. Operation in this model, craft can choose to follow or moving objects. The object in the middle of the screen position, if be followed object is people, directly on the screen click on the location of the people, the craft will automatically identify a green box, or a box on the right will be one of the GO button, click the GO into follow mode, if unable to automatically identify, can be manually box.


The box is selected to be followed


Click on the green box to follow


Intelligent following vehicle

3. Smart follow notes

(1) unable to identify, please reframe the selection, and be in the center of the following object.

(2) in order to be more accurate, the objects can be rotated slowly to learn recognition.

(3) pay attention to the contrast, speed and deformation of the following environment and light, so as not to lose it.

(4) the height of following objects is not suitable for change.

(5) after missing the target, the user can click the GO button to confirm the following.

Video shows following operation and following effect

3. Directions Point Flying

The new directions of flight have evolved into a more convenient and intelligent flight mode. Fly in the “guidance” mode, the user simply in average GO choose flight direction of the application, the elves 4 will calculate the other traffic routes, and obstacle avoidance system will start, automatic fly toward the direction of the instruction. During the flight, the user can continuously point out the new direction, and the spirit 4 will smoothly realize the automatic turn and realize “pointing remote control, namely flying”.

1. Guiding the flight operation

In yuntai Angle of 25 degrees within the scope of the up and down, user can select any picture of your camera APP a point, that is to identify a flight direction, click on the GO, so aircraft to arc before flying to determine the direction of the first, and then fly straight.


2. Guiding the flight precautions

(1) refers to the point to determine a flight direction, if the sky in the distance, the aircraft can fly toward the point to have been in the past, until you reach the limit height is high, the distance until the figure lost, signal loss, out of control, meet the limit of its area, or the user active pause button press STOP on the app, remote control, remote control mode switch.

(2) if the aircraft flying down on high need directions, first direct according to the direction of original and fall, but relative to the ground 4.8 m can fly into a flat, if users are on the ground again, and he flying aircraft can fly dropped to 0.8 m flattens again.

(3) in P (location) mode, the pre-visual obstacle will be turned on by default, and the vehicle will slow down, automatically up and down (need to be opened for detour sensing Settings) to avoid or hover. ​

Phantom 4 aerial photograph jiaodong terrace


aerial photography mountain village


aerial photography mountain village


aerial photography of small town



aerial photography school playground


1.Continuously introduce new products, in recent years by big xinjiang generation is more intelligent than a generation, along with the development of the DJI uav market position, technology will become more and more mature, flying alone is no longer a professional player, the three major innovation function, through the test, truly feel the xinjiang has been thoroughly let drones into intelligent era. The measured intelligent robot “flying” with “sense organs”, can see, remember, tracking, already is not just a simple manipulation of the power upgrade, but by hardware and software upgrade for the user to create a comprehensive new flight experience. At present, dji jin4 in the overall performance of hardware and software can be said to be “superior to the other”. Aerial photography is excellent, manipulative and unbeatable, and is definitely the favorite of aerial photography or model friends.

2. There is still room for improvement in product design

Of course, it’s not easy to get user thumb up. The personal feel of Phantom4 is completely unoriginal, offering alternative design options, such as DIY stickers, etc. Intelligent level there is still room for improvement, obstacles to avoid and advise flight need to continue forging to ensure its stability, and in terms of perceived barriers designed 360 ° full no dead Angle visually impaired function also is possible, hope to strengthen this function. Aerial photography quality improvement is not obvious, new products are small price.

(not end)

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