MJX B2W RC Quadcopter Open Box, the Cool Budget RC Drone


The post package paper was a little oversized, but I was relieved to see the B2W box lying quietly safely in there.


Take the box of B3 and compare it, obviously a small circle, the machine must also be small



Open the outer packing, inside is a bubble box, still the original recipe and flavor.


Open the bubble box to see the real face, actually at this time I am still in the prayer to get the not to be red. Red, as expected a sigh of relief, ha ha ha, red too can not handle

On the back is the remote control and a set of spare paddles. The layout is always simple and reasonable.


Take count, a total of the plane, remote control, a battery, a paddle factory has been installed, a set of spare blades, a mobile phone bracket, a charger, and a screwdriver and aluminum cap clip .(auxiliary split blade)

Of course there are instructions and stickers.


There’s also a little monster LOGO on the charger that doesn’t seem to have a flavor

The battery parameter is the same as the B3, the 2S7. 4V 1800mah 25C battery, which also USES the XT30 plug. The battery size is the same. It is perfectly fine to buy a B2W battery shell


The arm is marked with A B to convenient for player correct paddle blade.


1806 1800KV brushless motor is more than sufficient for the compact body of B2W.



B2W has a low crash rate due to its built-in positioning function. You do not need to change the blades frequently. It’s a more reliable aluminum cap and a silicone gasket. IMG_270

The B2W battery is designed with a straight battery box design, arc and fuselage fusion, and the whole fuselage looks more complete.


Before plugging in the battery, you should get the balance charge plug to the battery inner space.

Plug in the battery, and the plug will fit perfectly. Plug in the battery, remove the battery and power off. It reduces the movement of a plug – plug by a conventional drone.


(not end)

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