Dji Phantom 3 Standard Quick Open Box Review


Dji Phantom 3 Standard (Dji P3S). In terms of name, I considers this to be a product that is below the spirit 3 (P3P) and its price is $499. ┬áThe Dji Phantom 3 Standard camera has a top quality of 2.7k 30fps, and the battery duratuon is 25 minutes — better than the Spirit 3 advanced version (top quality 1080P @ 60fps).

Here’s a fresh look:

Because it is a test prototype, there are only the main components in the package: the aircraft, the remote control, the paddle and the charger. There will also be instructions, stickers, tools and so on.


There is no obvious difference between the appearance of the machine and P3A and P3P. The cloud platform has a transport protection rack, which is necessary for long-distance transportation.

The silver LOGO on the fuselage is Standard. Below is the USB port for debugging and refreshing the firmware.

P3S cloud feature, note that the camera is larger than the P2V +, similar to P3A, but the cloud platform and camera are not the P3A mold, the memory card is inserted in the camera. The memory card is stuck in the cloud.With an 8GB Micro SD card, the brand is SanDisk.


Photo on the side and back


The motor and electrical modulation system with faster response and longer space time.

The cloud platform (including the camera) is very light weight and lighter than the P3A, so the battery life will definitely improve.

The bottom close-up of the fuselage, notice that the visual positioning system is missing compared to P3A.



The power battery is a 15.2V high voltage version of the smart lithium battery, with a capacity of 68Wh.


The remote control is slightly disappointing. I agrees that it is a lot worse than the advanced remote control of the other Phantom 3.



There is only one dial on the remote control — this one in the top left, which controls the turning of the cloud. The flight mode and attitude mode switch are still in place.



The phone’s effect on the remote. The stent is clearly not able to support the iPad, and the 5-inch phone is already the limit. And you can’t add a hood.

The remote control has no additional interface except a mini USB port at the bottom. Presumably, the HDMI output module should not be installed like the remote control of P3A.

IMG_256 timg

Standard charger, 17.4V output, maximum 3.3A, charging speed is very fast, heat is slightly larger.


The original DJI 9450 OARS


Take a family portrait! For as long as $499 you can get it. Especially, P3S sticker color is positive and seductive.

The current average GO APP update later will support Dji Phantom 3 Standard.

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