Dji Phantom 3 SE Intelligent flight details


The reason for the popularity of drones is that they are smart and humanized comparing with traditional flying models and the novice can handle them with ease. Dji Phantom 3 SE has flight control system can realize a variety of intelligent flight mode: heading lock, lock, returning a point of interesting, hot follow with navigation point. Each kind of model can assist hand complete aerial different composition. Usually speaking is someone to help you to control the flight path so you just need to focus on aerial camera Angle and the picture. We can easily take a similar professional aerial feeling.

Only several patterns which, of course, there must be some limitations so the specialized aerial is usually double control, a concern about the flight a mutual coordination to complete attention to the screen while Phantom 3 SE switch to intelligent flight mode is simple, S2 button to pull the F – GPS mode (the bottom one), the average GO software click on the icon on the left side of the aircraft, flying into the smart choice menu.

This test takes Mavic Pro as the auxiliary subject

Heading to lock(Chinese Version)


Adjust the aircraft to a suitable height, turn left, looking for want to on the course, there is an accurate proofreading course tip: pull yuntai pitching axis to the position (not including upper limit position to 30 °), auxiliary open center, the diagonal and the grid so that composition, the center of the direction is the direction of the nose (course). Directional locking is very useful, especially for the delay and video shooting, you don’t need to worry about the expected course deviation, you just need to control the lens Angle and shooting.

Returning to lock


Returning locking the composition principle of heading lock is the same.Only the lens is a forward and a backward direction. The first thing to note is must confirm to refresh the return, adjusted to the appropriate security level here, for example, find the scenery to hover in the right close position (not parallel shooting scene and returning point), set back lock, tie back edge to adjust the flying height, by this time can be achieved: scenery gradually far, an arc lens effects of the flying track. In the old days when drones were not yet prevalent, the model would have to mount a camera (without flight control). It would not be possible to shoot such a picture without professional flying control.

Circle of interest


Flying around is also a tricky maneuver, not only to maintain a relatively constant speed, but also to be fairly accurate. This way of composition camera usually aimed at people, things, as center, assumes the circular trajectory flying around, of course you can also lift height appropriate shock feeling stronger, and the speed can also be set at any time (a minimum of 0.1 M/S, up to 10 M/S). There is also a little skill, in order to be able to ensure that in the centre subject, when the set point of interest (height more than 5 m), let in yuntai back (shot down look down at 90 °), using the center point, the diagonal and the grid precision composition (look at the screen), so you don’t have to deal with is in a central location (as long as the fixed subject).

Hot follow


Hot spot following is also a kind of lens special effect that emphasizes being photographed, such as you are running (are you sure you want to bring the remote control?). Riding a bicycle, aircraft can according to your mobile device GPS signals, automatically to keep the relative position follow. Of course, your speed should not exceed limit in intelligent flight 10 M/S, or you will lost the target, will automatically be hovering flight vehicles. and mobile devices in the shade, interference environment, lead to the GPS signal is weak or lost will be lost the goal, compared with the intelligence to follow, hot follow way is relatively single (need to manually) at the same time, but its with stronger (not easy to lose the goal).

Waypoint flight


Waypoint flight heading to lock when in fact, that advanced composition technique, when you need more than one course or scene filming, waypoint flight can help you to reduce the cumbersome manipulation. The preliminary planning is very strong, such as the day you need to shoot a scenic spot in several scenes, this time you can plan ahead waypoint (each scene a waypoint), general route planning is good, then you only need to repeatedly perform the route, process of continuous adjustment and practice shooting Angle and altitude and flight velocity (execution can be adjusted sliding), until the footage is perfect, so eventually blockbuster was made.

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