Dji Phantom 3 SE Quick Open Box


At this time, dji launched the Phantom 3 SE with a pre-sale price of $599, providing a lot of excitement with users who wanted to experience the fun of aerial photography but were too expensive for professional aerial photography. The price of the Phantom 3 SE more populist, but its function configuration is still in line with expectations, such as support for 4 k video recording, support visual positioning, 25 minutes of life and so on, which will bring you today the static out of the experience.


From the naming, the SE in the Phantom 3 SE refers to Special Edition (Special Edition). The Phantom 3 SE continues the classic design of the Phantom 3 series.


The Phantom 3 SE color scheme is the same as the Phantom 3 4K, and the “Phantom SE” logo, which is made of gold and pure metal, is very tasteful.




The DJI is intimate on the reminder(Chinese edition) in the motor and battery. After all, the Phantom 3 SE is the user’s first RC drone, which is necessary for begin users.



There are two sets of (8) plastic in the package, the propeller is easy to change.


There was a slight difference in design, and the Phantom 3 SE’s Micro SD card slot moved to the back of the camera.


On the cloud platform, the Phantom 3 SE doesn’t have a full aperture like the Phantom 3 4K, just a Micro USB port.


From integral view, which seems to be a normal RC quancopter.


For example, the “X” -like “groove” design is full of technology sense.




And the fuselage is full of a lot of louver, just like the sport cars air grille, to give a strong impact.


Look at the bottom of the Phantom 3 SE.


The visual positioning module at the bottom also continues the design of the Phantom 3 4K, which can be suspended in low-altitude environments and without GPS. And the Phantom 3 SE upgrades the GPS + GLONASS dual mode, which is more stable than the Phantom 3 4K.


The antennas are hidden in the landing gear.


On the smart battery side, the battery is the same as the Phantom 3 4K, which is 4480 mah, 68Wh and LiPo4S, and the actual battery life remains to be tested.



The battery interface does not seem to change, and the Phantom 3 4K version of the battery should be compatible.


The charger power supply is also unchanged from the Phantom 34K, with a voltage of 17.4 V and power of 57W.

With all that said, the difference between the Phantom 3 SE and the Phantom 3 4K is quite obvious, and the so-called “Yangtze river” is pushing the wave forward, which is also the meaning of the “SE” in the name of the Phantom 3 SE.

Remote control



The design of the remote control is light and light, and the “X” is embellished with the design of the aircraft, and the left one is the indicator light of the remote control and the status indicator.



The Phantom 3 SE supports the latest DJI GO app, which can be customized in the DJI GO app.

Thankfully, this remote control supports 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz working frequencies and supports 4 km of map transmission.

* maximum support for 720P @30fps real-time map transmission.

So, this is the Dji Phantom 3 quick open box review.

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