Dji Mini RC Drone Spark Opening Box, Very Cool


Dji bring the compact mini uav Mavic Pro last year. The mini drone that is small and foldable convening for carrier daily is good. However Dji preparing to launch a more mini drone Spark that smaller than Mavic Pro small lots.

Dji Mavic Pro is a small drone, who close to a waistcoat exaggerated graphics cards your hand can hold. From picture, Dji Spark to much smaller than a fully expanded winged Mavic Pro is the size of a cell phone that is not the smallest existing uavs to shoot. I believe Dji should be able to do better on the volume and the balance of the performance.


However, because of the positioning of self-portraits by the people, the Dji has not been able to shoot indicators such as 4K, RAW and d-log. But this is absolutely innocuous to the average user. In short, even if you’re new to a drone, you’ll see a lot less stress.

Appearance and detail design


Dji Spark is entry mini drone but materials is very solid, which is very similar to Mavic Pro. Person can feel that is definitely not a cheap toy. In addition, although it is very stingy, there is no shortage of things, such as the former visual obstacle avoidance, mechanical stabilisation cloud platform, GPS/GLONASS dual-mode satellite positioning, lower visual positioning, etc.

Comparing the 5.7-inch mobile phone, which is actually called a hand held drone. The wheelbase of 17cm, the take-off weight of 300g is required, but the design of the rotor part can be folded so that it can be carried very easily.


The Dji Spark launched five colors, the individual feel that the color is actually no necessary. After all flying in the sky you can only see its black “belly”. If I had to choose one that I liked, maybe it would be white because the other colors would be a little pompous. It would make the plastic feel stronger and more like a toy.


The propeller can be removed from the locking oar that has the design of the anti-lock installation, but also saves the process of tearing the oar when folding and receiving. There are two spare paddles at random.


A belly front design are the visual position system, a block is at the back of the battery, battery outside has four metal contact, you can directly place the aircraft in the replacement of the base charge, without the need for a separate remove the battery.


The Dji is equipped with two shafts of mechanical stabilisation cloud, support pitch and roll. When I experience it, I can read it through the screen of my mobile phone, and feel that the steady effect on the heading shaft is also good. There is no need to worry about it. At the top of the camera is the location of the dji “black technology”, which is realized by the camera and sensor hidden in it.


The big frontier I got was a stand-alone version, with only one aircraft and two batteries, with no remote control, all of which could be placed in a bubble box.

The installation of the blade cover is also very convenient, since the design of the Dji Spark will often take off and land on the hand, I think it is necessary to install the blade cover.


The standalone version of the Dji Spark, does not have an additional charger that can only be charged on a plane through a cable. The battery keeper, which can charge up to 3 batteries at the same time, is available in a set version.

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