The Capo Camion Model Refit, Very Very Cool



Maximum length: 956mm

Maximum width: 309mm

Maximum height: 308mm

Maximum wheelbase: 632mm

Maximum wheelbase: 257mm

Full weight: 12kg


All-metal body

CNC non-destructive machining, die-casting and anodizing process to build an all-aluminum body, solve the physical contradiction to the optimal state, light weight and strong.

The top window of the cab and the door, the equipment rack and the hopper can be opened flexibly.


The improvement of Appearance

Elevate cockpit height, increase driving console and seat.

Updated load girder structure and a brand new bucket style, three sides can be opened. Free tool for 18 seconds quick dump.

Add the rack and smoke pipe of the newly added hold.

A hung – beam equipment box used by the new differential.

The battery compartment of lithium battery is set up, without the need of complicated detach, in exchange for more saving heart.





Imitation ecological chassis

Beyond the scope of toys, it is not only the appearance, but the perfect simulation of the heart, and the performance.

The whole aluminum alloy simulation V8 integrated model engine, has been leading since the beginning.

The 930mm one-piece girder multi-axis precision engraving nondestructive machining, the delicacy is better than the real vehicle’s artistic sensibility.

Full wheel independent suspension, upgrade the large stroke oil pressure aluminum alloy to avoid the shock, waiting for you to adjust the ballet beauty. Upgrade the four – wheel dual steering wheel steering, the left and right asymmetrical broken-open axle, the mud ground to the ground.



Drive and differential system

Restore the TATRA ® real chassis system, famous in the world the bionic mechanical system, unique all-terrain cross-country tool.

High restore axle transmission structure, new and upgraded JOY four sets of independent differential speed remote control system to improve more accurate and reliable response, independent and decomposition control free choice.

The third – level transmission and differential planetary gears are updated with better copper gears, perfect for self-lubrication and noise reduction.





Integrated engine technology

The first monolithic integrated power engine is updated and high carbon steel gears are safe and reliable.

The increase of the planetary gear reduction system makes the vehicle torque efficient.

The steering gear is integrated with the gearshift steering gear, and the superior command of the brain is in one body.


Medium – set transmission technology

The newly upgraded mid – set gearbox provides high – speed remote control switch, the air – block trip is sufficient, the adjustment space is flexible, and the operation is more fluid.

High carbon steel large module gear provides more stable service life.


Now, we have refied the military trunk. See below:


Get the best appearance!


IMG_258 Its prototype is the Czech beast 8×8 army card


with awesome off-road capability





After the refitting was a heavy automatic gun in the rear

But mobility has no impact.


Not only has a handsome appearance, the interior is also extremely delicate

The human hand and too much drag to bind, fidelity up








The great  making  cockpit process. That is crazy. The Capo Camion model is cool, which can refit various trunk that you want.

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