Huina Alloy RC Excavator Review. Having Fun!


Huina alloy RC excavator, it is a cool RC toy.

Bring the RC excavator to the sand pit in the park attracted a lot of children attention. Having fun! The short board of the product. Because 11 channel, the power path is still small, but to our two or three year old children to pursue not so much that is absolutely ok! A sculpt – the excavator satisfies hahaha. Also well control, remote control, back, turn left, turn right, hanging arm up and down, dig spoon to dig and put, bulldozing the up and down, function is quite much, and sound effects, especially a demo, one click to start. Another problem is that the sand is easy to get into the sand, and the husband will clean it every time he takes it home, but it’s hard to avoid the problem.

IMG_256 IMG_257 IMG_258 IMG_259

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