What is the Difference about Xiaomi Drone 1080P and 4K?


In May 2016, xiaomi’s femi technology officially launched its mi drone products and entered into the field of consumption level uav. With price butcher of Xiaomi two levels will be a price in RMB 2499 and RMB 2999 comparing with existing drones such as Dji elf 3 standard version, the price gap is not big but you know Xiaomi always cheaper product and I believe many people are looking forward to millet unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

The three major differences in configuration

The xiaomi drone is divided into two versions of the camera: 1080P for $2499 and 4K for 2999 yuan. At present, only 1080P of low distribution is being crowdfunded, and in 4K version it will be delivered in 2-3 months. Must be mentioned here has a “buy a 1080 p version, and then change 4 k haeundae” idea of a friend, millet website shows “4 k version with a 1080 p version two yuntai camera Only with their own aircraft independent match, general.” This means that if you buy a low distribution version now, you can’t upgrade to a high match version by replacing the cloud platform.


Compare the drawing with 4K and 1080P

It is worth noting that 4k version FOV 94 orthoscopic lens, and the 1080p version using FOV 104°fisheye lens. Didn’t contact with photography friend may not quite understand distortion, here I have found the millet unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) two versions of the video screenshots, let it be intuitive feelings have the difference between the distortion and no distortion.


The distortion of the fisheye lens causes the horizon to be curved

Apart from the machine part, the two versions of the fuselage are also different, so the difference between the two versions may not only be limited to shooting. In terms of parameters, the maximum distance of the 1080P remote control is 1000m and 4K, and the range of remote control of 4K will be greater. The working frequency and the launch power also confirmed that the 4K version of the map transmission distance and the final effect will be much better than 1080P.

L 1080P is not worth it, how about 4K?

The price is only 500 yuan, but the impact of the three major differences on aerial photography is obvious, so the 1080P version is not to be expected.

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