What is difference between Xiaomi Mitu Builder Robot and Lego?


As a lego player. I have the both EV3 and WeDo 2.0 and I have Lego Technic more than 20 sets. I sighed with mixed feelings about the product. The Mitu robot stabilised.

The Mitu robot is a generic product that stands on the achievements of Lego many year research. The Mitu block toy robot can be found in the market trends.


First, the price of the robot is the most lethal. In January, Lego launched a WeDo 2.0 robot starter kit for children with 1 control +1 micro servo motor +2 sensor +280 parts, with a price of about 900 yuan. The price of the Mitu building block toys including 978 parts +2 servo motor + master control (built-in gyroscope) is RMB 499. A Lego servo motor with the same structural parameters purchasing from ecommerce costs RMB 200. Price says much is tears.

Lego Wedo 2.0, other than the price, the rest is fine… Why WeDo 2.0? Because the product of the rabbit robot is similar to its positioning — making small smart block suits, easy to use, easy to play. The composition of the electronic components of the rabbit robot is similar to that of WeDo 2.0. The Mitu robot is the main control + main internal gyroscope, master control with programmable RGB colored lights, using bluetooth communication. And WeDo 2.0 is the main control + external gyroscope + external infrared sensor. Master control with programmable RGB colored lights, bluetooth communication…

Price is the biggest competitive advantage of Mitu Robot. Xiaomi team has more advantages than other generic manufacturers.

Second, the exterior design transcends other local imitator manufacturers. Buying products now is looking at the appearence. Of course you can say that the design is not what you like, this is the person opinion. I’ve seen a lot of generic products that are not well designed in general (can I say dirt?). There are also things like that, 100% copy not even designed. Of course Lego can’t stand it, take it to court. The design of the rabbit robot is not very good, but it is not ugly. Lego has a Lego Idea platform that displays excellent player works, and selects popular works as official products based on popular vote. But it’s a little bit unfair, and the robots are generally not so handsome… But it’s a little bit unfair and the robots are generally not so handsome…

This is the product of a brand (not intentionally black, it’s easy to find a picture that can see the motor, which is related to the next paragraph)


Third, technical integration is good. Commom spline products, the manufacturers are very easy to copy. But when it comes to robot-level products, copying is hard. Motor and other power parts are not easy imitated. Some of the generic manufacturers’ power modules are developed in their own way, compatible with structural components (pictured above). From the introduction of the Mitu robot website, the servo motor is exactly the same as Lego. The main control module is different from the music and the appearance is more beautiful. The completion of mobile phone control software is quite good, and even the ease of use on the mobile phone can surpass Lego. Lego’s programming interface is “battery,” while the Mitu robot APP USES the more popular building blocks. From the perspective of usability, the performance of the rabbit robot (should) be better.

Lego EV3 programming interface

The programming interface of the rabbit robot

Finally, it is possible to provide user viscosity content operations. Lego is so the toy that it has been doing so badly with the Internet. The Mitu robot should be able to do a better job if it has been continuously upgraded and followed up from a single item.

The parameter party definitely likes to run a point… I have probably scanned the parameters mentioned in the official website, and it seems that the torque of the motor is a bit bigger than lego, and the others are not carefully compared. In any case, xiaomi’s product game parameter comparison is very old.

It is a complicated question whether the robot of rice rabbit constitutes infringement. Lego’s first patent was registered in 1958, and many patents have expired one by one. So there are a lot of “lego” toy makers around the world. As to whether the parts or technology in the rice Mitu robot constitutes infringement, it is difficult to say.

The products with quality clearance, plus Xiaomi strong marketing and shipment capability, and Internet operation ability. Let me sigh a sigh of relief.


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