How to the newer run the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone?


DJI , believe that many people have heard the name, and that he is a well-known drone manufacturer.


This can get DJI Phantom 3 Standard is to thank JiGuo 极果 (the supporter). Now, let us feel the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) bring the ultimate perspective – “god perspective”!

After taking over the package from express. A very solid package and it was not checked that the gear in the box which were sure to be fine.


Apart from the classic white outer packing of DJI Phantom 3 Standard, the Logo of the JiGuo is still very eye-catching.


This experience is a portable, integrated four-rotor uav, the Phantom 3 Standard, which is launched by DJI in 2015 following the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced.

Open the elf 3 Standard package, everything is so simple: fuselage, remote control, propeller, instruction and related accessories are so simple!





Although in the elven 3 series, where the Standard configuration is not as good as Professional and Advanced, but as long as careful to contrast the configuration can be found between them, Standard in addition to very close to the price, average in the use of the hardware is absolutely have the conscience. Why do you say that? As you can see from Standard’s configuration, its core hardware has a lot in common with the other two sprites.



Such as:

1. Use the same GPS positioning system.

Both use the same motor power system.

3. Standard has the same 2.7K video shooting quality as Advanced.

4. In the photo function, the maximum resolution of the three sprites 3 is 4000 x 3000.

In fact, just from these four pieces of hardware, I believe we can all feel that the 3 Standard cost performance is very high.

Of course, before I started experimenting with the Phantom 3 Standard, I personally felt that it was necessary to mention that the Phantom 3 Standard only made me feel very big on portability. The reason for this is that I have been in the traditional TV media unit and have been exposed to the production of news/documentary films in the previous work. But every time I had to prepare something, it took me a lot of time.

In order to show how portable the DJI Phantom 3 Standard is after more “integration”, I have found an Phantom  2 (comparing with GoPro 3 , which price is as well as  Phantom  3 Standard! Make a simple picture contrast. I’m sure you can see the difference through the pictures.

In fact, in addition to the fact that there is a lot of things to hang on the fuselage to make the camera lighter, the remote control also has a great improvement.

Of course, as the new version of spirit, the spirit 3 battery is much better than the spirit 2 battery. This also directly lengthened the flight time of the elf 3 in the sky (the official data is about 25 minutes, and the actual flight time is 24 minutes and 08 seconds, which is not far from the official data).




Before the flight, it is also necessary to remind everyone that flight must be selected for empty less crowded places.

Because in the past, believe that how many people have heard of aerial device accidentally hit the building/people/fighter news, even so we realize that the aerial device in the field of film is always a special film. Therefore, in order to minimize the chance of accidentally occurring in each aerial shot, it is necessary to check before take-off.

Said to be the case and a bit more serious, so at least can play a role to remind, in fact as long as every time before the aerial seriously ready to take off, the probability of accident in fact could be greatly reduced. And aerial photography is a fun and exciting thing to do, isn’t it? .

At the same time, I have several “flying” tips to share with you:(Chinese version APP)

1.install the propeller appropriate to elastic, many people think that the propeller as tight as possible, is the so-called good, I once met as an intern for fear of aerial propeller will loose in flight and screw tight, result in flight, the beam paddle (screw nut inside fracture directly fly out), because the four axis aerial device just lose a paddle power will directly down from the sky, but luckily didn’t hurt people. So when you install the propeller, just tighten it up, because it’s actually the best (at least on the propeller).

2. before departure, make sure you will be the monitor screen of the mobile phone into flight mode, or aerial apparatus at high altitude flight time a phone call, will cause great influence, (especially beginners), screen, of course, all of a sudden failure in fact also don’t need to worry too much, as long as the remote control did not lose signal, aerial apparatus is not so easy to have a problem. (but don’t worry about ten thousand in case).

3. Every time you change the location for shooting, if circumstances permit, it is best to do a compass correction. Don’t say that the system doesn’t have a hint that it’s okay to know that any problem with the compass during the flight can lead directly to the frying machine.

4.choose the place it is important to choose the local allow flight, although the average company has parts of our country set no-fly (such as: Beijing six ring no-fly), but note that even without a no-fly Settings, also do not in the military area commands, consular district, aircraft flying route area, whether anything is really trouble.



5.if it is a new before the actual flight on aerial device for operation Suggestions on average App (DJI GO) simulated flight training, so that users can understand the aerial device after flying in the x/y/z axis of three-dimensional position sense.

Good! With a basic understanding of the elf 3 Standard, the next step is to get ready to actually fly the machine.

Ready to take off



Because the spirit is very high integration of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), after a full battery to, as long as you take aerial apparatus body (including battery)/remote control/phone (used as a screen and adjustable parameters) that three things you can easily set off!

To get to the right place to fly, the first thing you can do is to put a screw in the engine.

Open the remote control and open the mobile phone flight mode and open the DJI App with the phone wi-fi and remote wi-fi connection.



Plug in the battery and connect to the camera, and the App will also display the connection to the camera and click into the camera. It goes to the main control interface. It’s also important to remind everyone that the wizard’s wi-fi account and password are easy to modify. Whether others see or not carefully added, may affect flight safety.



Also, note that the average GO App is a novice mode option, under the new mode, aerial flight height and distance are limited, at the same time also only aerial device can connect to receive GPS signals can take off, so don’t worry too much.



The first thing you need to do after the electricity is to do a compass correction. After finishing the correction, put the pilot flat on the horizontal plane, and when the pilot finds enough



So, after taking off, is there any other way to go, except to enjoy your own aerial photography? The answer is yes! Don’t assume that the elves 3 Standard as a populist entry-level aerial apparatus, there is no function of intelligent flight, it is with 3 Professional/elf elf 3 Advanced even big xinjiang super cow force of Inspire 1 aerial film have the same intelligence function,

Hot to follow: (1) with mobile phone remote control which has become hot spot tracking object, set up after flight altitude and distance, aerial device will automatically follow shot (can need not hand remote control will run behind you!) .

(2) heading locking: when the aircraft is locked, the aircraft will be flying in the direction of memory regardless of the direction of the machine.

(3) flight point flight: that is, multiple navigation points are set in flight, which can allow the aircraft to repeat the flight in a smooth curve on the established course, and obtain the most fluid video shooting result.

(4) homing lock: when the aircraft is out of sight, it can open the back point locking mode, which can control the flight direction, return the rocker and return to the air, no matter where the aircraft head is heading.

(5) circle of interest: that is, an interest point is set. The aircraft can set interest points to surround the flight and keep the camera in the center.

What exactly can be done with such a cost-efficient elf 3 Standard? I’m not going to do the text summary here, so let the picture and video tell you. Enjoy the “god view” from the elf 3 Standard.

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