How to Keep Mitu Builder Robot Balance ?


Need to prepare parts: master, two motor, wheel and the wheel skin, 14 short tight pin, two shaft pin, 4 with split pin pin, 1 root 15 lattice beam, a total of 25 building block + 3 electronic parts.

Next steps are set up



The two motor installation methods are the same


Install the wheel



Set up the completion, notice the motor line insert A, B interface, light press the starting key to start up.


Connect APP control


This will allow the electronics to work properly.


Then we can start building the rabbit building robot.

If you can’t balance it, you can solve it in the following ways.

1. Check the construction manual to check for any errors in construction.

2. Check whether the motor line is inserted wrong (insert A, B).


3. If there are no errors in the above two, you can connect the APP and restore the factory setting.

4. Use your hand to help it walk a distance, and adjust the center of gravity to the right place within a certain range

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