How to Control the Drone? Some Suggestion.


Are you still wondering how you can operate a drone? Can you tell the difference between the various joysticks on the remote control?

This time for us to sort out some of the most basic operational guidelines, can be said to be a “ultimate guide”, as long as according to the explanation and video, can quickly get started.

  1. Use A Joystick to Control the Drone

First you need to understand the various functions of the remote control joystick. Here we are in the hand of the most common for example, the joystick control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) respectively of the left hand up and down and spin around, the right hand joystick control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) respectively advance back around and translation. See the details.

You might as well practice your hands first


2.Find A Cheap Drone to Practice

If you haven’t made up your mind to buy a slightly price drone and practice it. Many cheaper drones on the online shopping website may be a good choice. Some shopping sites can be bought for more than 100 yuan, and other controls are similar to the current quasi-professional drones, except for automatic hover.

If you’ve already purchased a major DJI drone, there’s a beginner’s exercise model in DJI GO APP that allows you to do the simulation exercise as much as you can.


3. Before flying

I would recommend that all flying hands list and print a flight checklist, and go through each flight before each flight, such as whether the battery is full of electricity, and check whether the propeller is tight or not.

Also go to the relevant website to find out if the area you plan to fly is banned.


4. Start Calibration

Normally, I would open the remote and open the APP on my phone, and then start the drone’s power. If your flight area is significantly different from the last flight, you need a compass calibration.

Most professional level of drone have built-in GPS and compass which help unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to determine their position, direction and height. So we need through the calibration, make sure that these components can work normally.

This is a reference to the dji Sprite drone, but other manufacturers’ drones are similar.


First we GO to DJI GO APP, then we find the compass calibration. Respectively, as screen prompts, let the drone level, upside down, for calibration of 360°.


Once the calibration is complete, if the GPS signal is received successfully, the top left corner of the APP will display a green ‘safe take-off’ prompt.


Start your first flight

Make sure that the drone is on a flat surface, while the head (camera) position is back to you so that you won’t confuse the steering direction.


6. Some Practice that Will Help you to be quick and skillful

You must also know that “practice makes perfect”, so you need a lot of practice before becoming a qualified flying hand.

Some basic flight operations are listed below.

Fly A Rectangle

This is to help you to quickly familiar with the right hand joystick, by controlling the right hand joystick, let fly drone continuously clockwise or counterclockwise rectangle, so to establish the linkage of the brain and the right hand, in the actual flight in a timely manner to play the position of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) compensation.


Two Point One Line

After completing the last contact, now blend into the left hand rocker and let you know the operation of the clockwise/counterclockwise rotation. This is very important for a novice, and at least master this technique, and it will be able to return.


The Advanced Version of the Flying Rectangle

It is now harder to make the position of the head position consistent with the flight direction when flying a rectangle.

This is very common in actual flight, because only the head position is consistent with the direction of flight, so that other operations and adjustments can be made more easily.


Fly Round


Now start the simple round flight. This operation requires the left and right linkage, while moving forward, the rotation and the left/right are added.

“8” the word flight

The “8” flight tests the degree of fusion of the two manipulations of horizontal and rotating.


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